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Connor Bramblemoon is a halfling priest of Unavaranu and the life partner of Cora Merrywine. He is a devoted servant of the goddess and is deeply in love with Cora, but he is emotionally and physically weak, without a lot of survival skill. Out of concern for Cora's condition, as her body is currently controlled by Caedali, he seeks a healer to help her, refusing to leave her side until he finds one.

Connor was effectively killed by an agent of the Dark Embers just outside the Dancing Peaks, but his body is somehow still animated by Noesis. It is unclear how this influence is maintained.


Connor is an average sized halfling with an awkwardly skinny yet stout frame. He has curly brown hair and large brown eyes, as well as large, bushy feet that always remain uncovered. Despite his frailty, Connor carries a large pack of books on his back wherever he goes, though it weighs on him somewhat.

Connor is extremely earnest, kind, and honest, to a fault. He makes attempts not to speak ill of others and tries to think positively about most things. However, his emotions are rather frail, and is prone to crying when he is overwhelmed. Connor is also rather dense and unobservant, generally unaware of when people are mocking him. He is endlessly devoted to both Cora and Unavaranu.

Skills and Abilities

Connor is capable of using some forms of clerical magic, though the extent of his power is unknown.


Connor was raised in Jaergden Karkast in Astrilane, where he became friends with Cora Merrywine growing up. The two studied as acolytes in a temple of Unavaranu and eventually partnered with each other as boughs, venturing out into the world in search of new knowledge to offer to their goddess.

At some point, Connor was captured by the goblin Osh, but was soon rescued by Cora Merrywine. During this time, the consciousness of Caedali transferred from Osh to Cora, though Connor remained unaware of this for some time. Cora eventually left Connor to join the Claw of Arali, worrying Connor as the two had never been apart. After only a few months, Connor located Cora through a private investigator and arrived in Reedenford where he waited a number of weeks for Cora to return to the town. Upon her arrival, Connor proclaimed he would never be separated from Cora again. Though Cora attempted to reveal her curse as Caedali to Connor, he did not quite seem to understand.

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