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Merilann is a human child that currently lives within Cloverhall in Reedenford as the "apprentice" apparent of Kel Stevaen. She originally hails from the village of Rostern and was the daughter of Daramy Nostern before she was effectively disowned by her mother, perhaps because of her reckless attitude. Merilann likes to impress others, and lives her life rather haphazardly.


Merilann is a young human child, around 12 years of age. She has medium-cut brown hair that falls just short of her shoulders, brown eyes, and a small scar running through her right eyebrow. She is missing one of her back teeth, visible when she smiles wide, which is often. Merilann tends to wear simple dresses, usually patched up from constant wear and tear. Additionally, a number of pockets are sewn into the sides of her dresses, likely by her own hand. She prominently carries a dagger held in a sheathe of cloth and suspended by a rope around her waist.

Merilann has a go-getter personality; when she gets an idea in her head, there is little anyone can do to stop her from attempting to realize it. As a result, she often heads into situations with little regard for safety or attention to detail. Merilann is also incredibly difficult to discipline, as she cares little for the condemnations of others.


Merilann was born to Daramy Nostern and an unknown father on the 7th of Zof, 977 IaC. She was raised by her mother in the town of Rostern, where he rambunctious attitude began to earn her her mother's disdain. In Iron 989, Merilann disappeared after adventuring out into the woods near the village, and as she did not return before the invasion of a number of wolves into Rostern, her mother attempted to blame her negligence on the wolves instead, claiming that Merilann had been eaten.

However, Merilann was still alive. After getting lost in the woods for a number of weeks, she was given directions by a traveler and returned to Rostern to find it infested with wolves puppeted by the Green Hand. She managed to break into her house and hide away for a while before eventually escaping, surviving off of a diet of forest fruits and grains from the village. Later, a group of Initiates from Cloverhall discovered her hiding out a day out of the village, and elected to take her along for protection. Kel Stevaen, seeing that Merilann had been traumatized by her encounter with the wolves, chose to use the powers of Patalir to relieve Merilann's mental burden. Afterwards, Merilann was significantly more reckless and fearless, even attempting to attack wolves herself after being given a knife by Mera. Even after being admonished and physically restrained, Merilann would later sneak off to attack a wolf herself, resulting in her being knocked unconscious, but doing the same to the wolf.

Merilann was taken back to Reedenford by the guild members to her mother, who was less than enthused to see her. After Kel mentioned in passing taking Merilann on as an apprentice, Daramy quickly gave up her child to the priest, and she was taken back to Cloverhall. Kel, who had become infatuated with a magic bag of teeth, instructed Merilann to conduct research on magic teeth bags, as part of her "training". Merilann managed to unearth some information about a bag of teeth different from Kel's, capable of untold destruction, discovering that a former user of the artifact was still alive and being held in the prison made in the body of Alurkhet. Merilann was awarded 5 gold for her troubles, which by the next day she had managed to increase to a small pouch's worth. Soon after, Merilann tagged along to a minstrel show, and was present when Ilryn Dewsong was attacked by a strange, multiplying man; using her dagger, Merilann headed into battle and destroyed a number of the men, managing to avoid Lambchop's attempts to keep her out of harm's way. Following this, Merilann became rather smug about her performance.

Perhaps as he was around her size, Merilann began hanging around Glutagg, and eventually the two became friends, with Glutagg referring to her as his "retainer". Both were receiving frequent lectures on reading and writing from Adamine Longshallow, which Merilann took to quickly. She began studying politics along with Glutagg, and instilled within him the desire to become the mayor of Reedenford. Lambchop, who had come to view Merilann as an enemy, eventually made "peace" with her by giving her a gem containing a human soul. Merilann asked him to retrieve a book on dead kings from the secret library of the third floor in Cloverhall, in return for some mysterious reward.

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