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Glutagg is a bullywug that once lived in the Muckmeer Swamp alongside his kin, but was captured alive by Steeve following an attempt to kill the Cursebusters in revenge for slaying his brethren. Glutagg is completely convinced of the superiority of his species and is an unrepentant racist and coward; however, he is slowly becoming accustomed to humanoids due to his friendships with Merilann Nostern and Adamine Longshallow. Currently, Glutagg has aspirations to unseat Tunban Fetterly and become the mayor of Reedenford.


Glutagg is an average-size bullywug, standing a bit higher than three feet tall. He has yellow, frog-like eyes, greenish-grey skin and a rotund body. His hind legs show significant scarring resulting from when they were broken by the adventurer Lambchop.

Glutagg, like many other tribal bullywugs, is completely convinced of the superiority of his species, which he believes himself to be a prime example of. He is obsessed with objects of value and idols that resemble him, and takes gifts of little material worth as insults. As a result of his hubris, he believes himself a king over humanoids, and his time living in Reedenford has convinced him that he will become its ruler.


In Iron 989, Glutagg was captured by Steeve after being the only one of his traveling party not to run headfirst into an illusionary trap created by the Cursebusters. He was captured by Lambchop, who accidentally broke the bullywug's legs while grabbing him. Steeve then decided he would take ownership of the bullywug, and began calling him his child. Eventually, he was brought back to Cloverhall, where Steeve began to "nurse him back to health".

Following Steeve's departure from Cloverhall, Glutagg continued to hang around the barracks until his legs fully healed. His incessant complaints and demands began to grate on the nerves of Oola Cocklehoot, who began to hate the bullywug with a passion. Glutagg eventually began to construct a shrine to himself in Steeve's former bed, crafting a throne out of potatoes and making an effigy that slightly resembled his face. Some members of the hall found his presence humorous and began indulging Glutagg's fantasies, venerating him as a "king" and bowing in his presence. Perhaps out of pity, the hall keeper Rulan Vinesweep kept the bullywug fed.

When Merilann Nostern was invited to stay in the hall, Glutagg began referring to her as his servant, while Merilann considered him a strange friend. Merilann quickly learned how to effectively manipulate Glutagg's ego. The two both began to study under Adamine, who taught them various topics in her free time. Glutagg was specifically interested in learning how to write in Common. Glutagg, along with Merilann, seemingly became interested in politics around this point, and began stealing books on the subject from the guild library. Merilann eventually gave Glutagg the idea of becoming the mayor of Reedenford, which became his new goal.

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