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Raldon Tarrod is the charismatic and smoothtalking human bartender of Serpent's End in Reedenford. He is a shrewd, cautious, but disarming man, seemingly unafraid of all the strangers and cloaked individuals that find their way into his inn. He is definitely involved in illegal drug trade.


Raldon is an adult human man with neat, short black hair and piercing brown eyes. Raldon's thin face is generally relaxed into a warm expression. He has immaculate teeth. Raldon is generally clad in a dark, form fitting suit with a purple undershirt.

Raldon is disarmingly charismatic and accomodating, but is also a shrewd manipulator and a bit of a conman. He avoids implicating conversation, choosing to talk around subjects rather than lie outrightly. Raldon is fond of asking probing questions to size up those that enter his inn. Raldon himself is extremely difficult to read.

Skills and Abilities

Raldon is a skilled conversationalist, and is capable of talking his way around most anything.


At some point, Raldon began working at Serpent's End, likely around Iron 970-980.

In Iron 989, Raldon was approached by a group of Initiates working for Cloverhall regarding the murder of a local resident of Reedenford, Dunavar Lexhand. The assassin responsible for the murder of Dunavar implicated the Serpent's End in his hiring, but when pressed on the matter, Raldon refused to admit to anything. Raldon entered a deal with the initiates to forge a document that would implicate an unaffiliated third party in the murder of Dunavar as long as the group took care of the monsters that had infested the old tunnels beneath his cellar. Upon the return of the group, Raldon penned a letter for the mayor implicating Nuniel Masselby and the Blinded Order in a plot to kill him.

Raldon later met with the Cursebusters again, this time trading information with them regarding plans by Anise Taranil to secede from the Kalhastian Empire. After learning of the Thin Man and the Nepoznato, Raldon informed the group about the Tower of Startha, hinting that there was something powerful in Anise's possession that she wished to fix using an artifact found at the bottom of the "tower". Raldon refused to give more information unless the party bound themselves to his cause, which they were unwilling to do. For a price, he also gave the group a method for banishing Erigor, killing him while uttering his true name, while also informing them about a hermit he referred to as Watcher that lived in the Dancing Peaks. He claimed that Watcher might know Erigor's name.

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