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Clover Claw


Ilryn Dewsong is a half elf warlock and an Initiate of the Claw of Arali, where she works out of Cloverhall in Reedenford. Ilryn originally masqueraded as a bard in an attempt to gain fame and adoration, but eventually discarded this facade in favor of her true, more destructive powers. While she once put on an air of diplomacy and grace, she now clearly displays her bloodlust towards and distaste for nearly every creature she encounters. However, Ilryn is still an accomplished musician, and even her murderous intentions seem to fade away when she puts on a performance.

Ilryn has a strange relationship with a powerful entity that appears to watch her from a distance.



Ilryn is a half elf woman with currently short, blue hair, fair skin and blue eyes. She often changes her wardrobe to suit the occasion, but is fond of wearing dresses when she is not required to suit up for combat. When she channels her magic, her eyes glow an eerie purple, reflecting light almost like a crystal.


Currently, Ilryn has a vengeful and sadistic personality, generally choosing to answer most obstacles with violence. She has little patience and usually assumes the worst of others, and may nonchalantly choose to kill someone. She has little respect for the lives of people she does not know. Ilryn has an intimidating, forceful charisma about her that she uses to get what she wants. Regardless, she seems to care for her companions somewhat, at least to the point that she isn't trying to kill them. Ilryn is highly materialistic, and likes gold. She still places great importance on her music.

In the past, Ilryn tended to put on airs in many social occasions, attempting to show off her best sides to others. She was highly concerned with her reputation, and how other viewed her. Ilryn has been seen to be caring, but also slightly vindictive when slighted. She attempted to be diplomatic with most people she interacted with, regardless of their attitude towards her.

Skills and Abilities

While Ilryn was been trained in the bardic arts, her true power comes from strange arcane knowledge she has received from her mysterious patron. Regardless, she is capable of putting on a wide variety of performances for entertainment, and is a very capable artist of disguise. Ilryn is rather capable with a rapier and is fond of close combat, though she possesses a font of magic she can use to manipulate the weave in other ways.


Ilryn hails from the village of Nepoznato, a small settlement by a lake located in Meldas, eastern Kalhastian Empire.

Ilryn was once part of a traveling group of performers that put on their act around the Empire. Among the troupe was a half orc named Ohrakk Cinderhand and the leader of the troupe, a halfling nicknamed Momma.

Ilryn decided to join the Claw of Arali in Iron 989, passing her trials along with the help of Merjquinallurjafrey Acridoneypso and Kel Stevaen. She was placed in the province of Atherdale to work out of Cloverhall. Ilryn completed a number of missions alongside the other Initiates of the guild, deepening her understanding of magic as her notoriety grew. In Bucktuck City during the Owlspring Festival, Ilryn managed to pull a magical rapier, Liar, from the crystal of a "fortune teller", running off into the festivities when the fortune teller demanded she give it back. After exploring Thaloss Zinir and neutralizing an artifact generating undead, Ilryn was certified as a Claw of the guild by Darrod Lightvane, who mentioned that her heritage put her in danger in the Empire. She later discovered a foreboding note in her locked chest in Cloverhall, stating that she had something that didn't belong to her.

While attending a traveling minstrel show in Reedenford, Ilryn recognized one of her former troupe members in the show, Ohrakk. She spoke with Ohrakk after his performances, learning of the sudden passing of Momma. While on her way to a tavern to reminisce with Ohrakk over drinks, Ilryn was attacked by a man parroting the claim of the strange note she had discovered earlier. When Ilryn and her group engaged the man, he became scattered to sand as he died, but two more men were summoned in his place. After killing numerous clones, the strange magical fallout warped the surrounding space, and eventually began to break it open; falling back to a fountain, also tainted with the magic sand, Ilryn eventually fell in and was transported back in time before the encounter even began. Throughout the fight, the man kept claiming that Ilryn had "something that didn't belong to her", though her attempts to find out what that was were fruitless.

Ilryn later did some research on sand and the time gods Tharamaias, Berit, Vaaltha, and Nurenin in the guild library at Cloverhall, but she could not find any information that seemed to resemble her current predicament.

As Ilryn visited Eldag Hollow with the Cursebusters, she became increasingly more irritated with her ineffectiveness in combat, unsatisfied with taking a more supportive role. As the group headed to Bucktuck City,  Ilryn unleashed her power against an army of gnolls, shedding her bardic facade and revealing herself as a warlock. She began to attack with great bloodlust and power, finally revealing her true nature, along with momentarily conversing with a strange entity that was aware of her strength.

In the city, Ilryn became cursed by the demonic shield Mask of Fear, which she became incapable of removing from her body. While in the Nepoznato, Ilryn was again accosted by the Sandy Man, who again accused her of having something that didn't belong to her, pointing to the area under her left shoulder.

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