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Merjquinallurjafrey Acridoneypso

Clover Initiate
Player Character


Merjquinallurjafrey Acridoneypso, generally referred to as Merja, is a half genasi sorcerer and an Initiate of the Claw of Arali, working out of Cloverhall in Reedenford. Merja is a powerful but reserved weaver of magic, preferring to stand back and analyze a situation before making any drastic decisions. She is also a decent potter.


Merja is a female human of decent height, but not imposing. She has dark hair that reflects hues of red and blue, generally tied up into buns. She tends to wear outfits embroidered with intricate designs.

Merja is opinionated and headstrong, but prefers to stay back to observe a situation before taking any rash actions. She is less concerned with any concept of objective justice over what she personally believes is fair.

Skills and Abilities

Merja is a powerful sorcerer, capable of wielding a plethora of destructive magics. She appears to draw out this power by channeling it through the shadows around her, and can even manifest a sentient skunk made of shadows to act on her behalf.

Merja is also a trained potter.


In Iron 989, Merja entered the admission trials for the Claw of Arali, eventually passing with the help of Ilryn Dewsong and Kel Stevaen. Merja was transferred as an Initiate to the Atherdale province, where she worked out of Cloverhall.

Merja began working jobs for the guild off and on, mostly as a way to provide funding for her artistic endeavors. She accompanied the Cursebusters out to the Muckmeer Swamp and freed the Thin Man from his cage, assisted Erdo Elfast in finding the Cold Lady, and helped fight off the wolves of the Green Hand that had taken over the town of Rostern. After this small influx of cash, Merja repurposed one of the empty rooms on the second floor of Cloverhall into a pottery studio, complete with a kiln. She spent a good amount of time holed up in the studio, engaged in a focused state of artistic fervor.

Later in 989, Merja had eaten through her savings and set out to earn some more coin for her work, taking on a job to find a missing person, Dathon. By the time she caught up with him, the man had been killed by Lambchop.

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