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Clover Claw
Player Character


Lambchop is a half orc barbarian that resides in the Kalhastian Empire. While intimidating in stature and strength, he is a free spirit more concerned with his next meal more than anything else. Lambchop is intrigued by all things culinary, and is always seeking new flavors and experiences. He is currently a member of the Claw of Arali, where he works in Reedenford out of Cloverhall. He is attempting to cultivate an alter-ego for himself known as Eye-Man.


Lambchop is a tall, intimidating half orc, with greenish-grey skin, dark, short hair and prominent tusks. He typically wears simple furs and hides, likely from previous hunts. As a result of messing with a strange power, Lambchop has a giant eye, about a foot across, embedded on his chest. He wears a tailored hide vest to show off his eye when he can. He also dons a dark cape with a Batraxian eye displayed on the obverse. In addition, he has a resplendant silver helmet made by Ogris Finehand, to which he has attached an enormous red feather.

Lambchop has a refreshingly simple outlook on life, and is generally single-mindedly concerned with his next meal. He tends to remain calm in the face of adversity, and is simply amused by events that others might find horrifying. Lambchop is the epitome of an out of the box thinker, and offers unorthodox solutions to problems. However, his impulsive nature is often what lands him in the trouble to begin with.

Skills and Abilities

Lambchop is brutishly strong, and fights with a wild style of his own creation, formed by his years of forest living. He is also an accomplished tracker and experienced survivalist with an impeccable sense of direction.


Lambchop spent most of his childhood in the woods of the Kalhastian Empire, though by his own admission, the exact location of his birth is unknown to him. After a brief stint out of the woods, Lambchop returned to them to live off the land, returning to civilization intermittently after having his mind opened to the culinary world. For a time, Lambchop lived near the capital of Adalhast, where he frequented the inn the Silver Shepherd.

Lambchop joined the Claw of Arali in Iron 989 in the hopes of gaining access to their trade networks and closely guarded libraries, which no doubt held powerful culinary secrets. He completed his guild trials with the help of Caedali, and was placed in Atherdale to work out of Cloverhall. Lambchop worked with the other Initiates through a fair number of guild missions. In his travels, he collected a great many things; a helmet made by Ogris Finehand, an owl he named Berdo after his 'best friend' Erdo Elfast, strange spices, exotic meats, exotic pieces of skin, a sack, and other such "treasures". Lambchop forged a relationship with the duplicitous Raldon Tarrod, who he convinced to get some eel for him, and, to his dismay, became the target of off-putting affection by Rorug Fletsworn.

For playing a part in the "neutralization" of an artifact that was generating undead in Thaloss Zinir, Lambchop was awarded the rank of Claw by Darrod Lightvane. However, in the crypt, Lambchop had simply attached the artifact, a strange, beetle-like piece of metal, to a corpse. The artifact animated the corpse and began to speak through it, and Lambchop began to refer to it as Beetleman. Beetleman exhibited control over the undead in the crypt, and promised to recall the undead that had escaped its confines. Lambchop was happy to leave his newfound friend to his devices in the tomb, unafraid of any repercussions that might later result from his decisions.

In Cloverhall, Lambchop received a rack of cured venison from his friends at the Silver Shepherd, congratulating him on making it into the guild. Lambchop later received a package from a shady individual in the streets of Bucktuck City for his "friends in the capital", and he was able to recognize that the thread the package was bound in contained some sort of code, though he could not decipher it.

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