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Recent History
Post-Imperial Wars, the Yeti have remained in trade partnership with as many other nations as reasonable, but have generally remained rather isolated. 
General Description
The vast majority of the country is built on the north pole of Orth so is entirely Arctic tundra with occasional pine forest. The more heavily populated area, however sits to the north of the New World. It is a beautiful subtropical area, with huge swathes of wine groves and lush farmlands.
Government Structure
The country is split in two between the Northern Republic and the Southern Republic, and both have notable cultural differences but in the grand scheme are still very much unified. Each half is ruled by a Honcho (the Yeti word for "grand chief") who meet at least once a season to deal with national matters along with a parliament of the Chiefs of the various tribes. 
Winemaking Capital of the World
The Yeti Republic was the first to discover the art of winemaking; it has since expanded upon this artform and now produces great qualities of fine alcohol which it trades throughout Oerth. The Yeti are now renowned as the finest winemakers and brewmasters on Oerth. This has made many Yeti wine merchants very rich and influential - amongst the ruling classes, Yeti wine is almost treated like a second currency, giving these merchants immense sway politically. 
While the Yeti were always friendly with the Elves, they decided to remain out of the Imperial Wars. Following the Imperial Wars they have attempted to retain solid relations with the Grand Duchy but the tumultuous political situation makes them reluctant to be directly connected. 
Troll Empire
The relationship between the Empire and the Yeti has always been rather a friendly one. Following the death of the Lord Paladin, the Yeti officially established their Republic knowing that the greatest threat to their statehood had passed, moving from a loose collection of tribes to the more formal and unified structure they have today. An amusing note with this in consideration is that the Empire was the second to acknowledge their statehood behind, of course, the Yeti's eternal friends and allies the Fae. 
The Faerie Isle
The Yeti have always had an extremely friendly relationship with the Fae, especially as they are one of the Yeti’s biggest clients when it comes to alcohol sales. This was briefly dampened slightly by the Fae’s unexpected decision to build an embassy to the Republic in Ice Palace in 3A 5, but this has been declared water under the bridge overall and their relationship remains incredibly stable. To this day, the Fae Embassy, nicknamed “Friend House” in Yeti, remains the only ambassadorial building in the entire country and a physical symbol of the strong friendship these two ancient, peace-loving, alcohol-loving races have shared for millennia.
The Meraguin Kingdom
The Yeti are interesting here, in the regard that as a famously seafaring nation they are the only nation to really interact with the Meraguin on a political basis. However, this interaction is far from regular and not exactly friendly. The Yeti are allowed to hunt the Leviathan guards of the Meraguin Kingdom (keeping within a certain quota to maintain a sustainable population; Leviathan meat is a delicacy in the Northern Republic) in return for the Yeti not interfering with them. Nevertheless, Yeti ships will still occasionally be hit (and sunk) with tridents when they get too close to Mer cities. 

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