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  1. Lokacije

The Meritocratic Republic of the United People of the Pools


Recent History
After fighting the great Imperial Wars, the UPP has been in a cold war with the Empire for a little over two centuries. They have taken in a great number of Tíran refugees, many who have begun to assimilate into UPP society, even engaging in cannibalistic rituals and converting to the local religion. Constant border strife has been exacerbated by the appointment of Drar-il-soq, an intolerant expansionist who is believed to have gained the post due to the clergy disliking growing anti-isolationist sentiment. It was thought a new military leader in the image of legendary Gar-il-soq would bolster their resolve, but such things remain to be seen.
General Description
The vast majority of the UPP is within The SouthlandsThe Lower UPP is entirely barren desert bar The Refuge. The Upper UPP, being in the Central Plains, is fertile steppes. The capital of the UPP is Sacred Pool. 
Leadership Trials
Only Lizardfolk born from the First Pool may enter the “meritocratic” trials assigned by the Priesthood to determine the Glorious Leader (il-soq in their culture - it has become the title of the Glorious Leader after the “Golden Age” under the rule of a pair by the name of il-soq), the dictator for life of the UPP. 
The Troll Empire
The UPP has been openly antagonistic to the Troll Empire since the Southern Crusades, of which they were on the opposite side, and to a much greater extent than they are to most other nations. This antagonism led to them siding with Tír  during the Imperial Wars (which in essentiality was itself an escalation of the Southern Crusades) and ultimately to the political and military stalemate between the two that currently exists. The UPP frequently engages in espionage and sabre-rattling against the Empire, to mixed success, and have been known to attack Imperial cargo ships off the Poolish coast and Imperial Army caravans that happen to stray into their lands. 
Tír was the first and really only nation to attempt to make any attempt at peaceful contact with the UPP, where they bonded with the Lizardfolk over their mutual dislike of the Troll Empire. In fact, it was Tíran influence that led to the UPP’s official creation in 2A 996, as before the High Elves introduced them to it their leaders were oblivious to the concept of national sovereignty. The UPP were Tír’s only true allies during the Imperial Wars and many of the more violently anti-Troll High Elves fled to the UPP, taking up many of the local customs over the past two centuries and now referring to themselves as the Blood Elves. 
To the Rest of the World
The UPP are highly isolationist and much like with the Empire will attack any ship or caravan that comes anywhere near their lands, with Tiran ships being the only exception. 

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