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Current Location: The Striped Cat prefers to travel around, never staying for long in any one place.

Forms: The Striped Cat’s most commonly depicted form is a ginger tabby housecat, albeit one with an extremely elongated tail with which he clutches a grimoire.

General Description: Formerly one of the Elder Beings who was given a seat in the Pantheon by Jak'ra due to his help as an advisor and as his "eyes on the ground", the Striped Cat is the patron God of the Catfolk and is known as a trickster and storyteller, as well as a heroic figure of Catfolk folklore. According to the stories, he drifts from place to place, sharing stories, playing lighthearted tricks on unsuspecting people and helping the poor and downtrodden. 

Domains: The Striped Cat’s domains overlap Dezrael’s in many areas; trickery, storytelling, fortune (both good and bad), magic, freedom, independence and joy. He is also the protector of thieves, vagabonds, gypsies and the like, as well as the godly patron of the Alteration school of magic. As a result, his worship is particularly popular amongst Expansion Lesser Catfolk, Centaur and Halfling communities, who see him as a protector of the common man. Some of his domains overlap with those of Bel, Lady of Hope as well, however, he more represents freedom from worry or from negativity rather than emancipation from slavery or cruelty like Bel does.

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