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Tides of Fate

-Campaign of Carnage-

The tides have risen, the storm is ongoing, and you are at the mercy of the wind. The Marrowspit Matron is dead, but this has allowed Mother Agaia to gain admission to the Coven of Second Zenith and join powers with Great Grandmother Lily and Honest Ethel. All while Nazeem and his Blended grow in number on the sea floor. As heavy as that all is, without an immediate lead, there is space to breath and mourn the fates of Dune, Alara, and Echo while pondering the question:

Who is the Fated Child? 

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A strange deity who was once a mortal Elf of unknown origin. She self-ascended to prevent a great calamity that she had foresaw which turned out to be the Dawn War and the Shatterspell.

At the last moments of her ascension she was betrayed and the ritual was impure. She is now in a metaphysical state, rarely taking a physical form and considered to be mad but not malicious by most other deities.

Arrtak the Silent

"Don't let the fact he can't talk make you think he can't settle the crew's disputes. What he lacks in conversation, he makes for with a firm hand.Bruzark, Son of Mol 

Arrtak the Silent, as the name suggests, is not one for talking. His fellow crew will tell you all that is important. He is face of discipline on the ship. Crew altercations go through him, and rarely are there repeat offenders.

A few who have known him longer will tell you he hails from the Shadow Shores, and that his father may have been Norgarian (Human) born, based off the very few keepsakes Arrtak keeps on him from home.

What drew him to the sea is a mystery, however, as is how he became a mute. All that is know about that is it is related to the broken jaw that never healed right.


The Skull Lords of Somnia's Shadowfell are undead amalgamations of fallen souls. Three souls, who in life would seek to undermine and betray each other, are bound by a curse and given a single form, a hideous skeletal being with three skulls. This "Threefell Curse" was employed by a deity during the early years of the Epoch of the Light and though it has been lost to history, rumors are it could happen again. The Skull Lords themselves now function as Shadowfell Warlords forever trying to wrestle territory from the each other. Though progress is difficult for each of them, as they can't even be fully loyal to themselves. Each soul often scheming for its own ends.


Chamberlain Skexin is the skull lord who controls much of the  Decrepit Saltwastes. It's capital is located at the center of the waste and is known as The Derelict. Thousands of meazels gather in and around the city in the hopes he calls upon them to serve him, however, his true power lies in his control of various other undead and his wing of shadow dragons who patrol the wastes. As for Skexin himself, he sits upon a throne of bone at the top of a tower called The Spike. Should the need arise for him to leave The Spike, he rides out on a dracolich known as Coilexus, bound to his service.


Chamberlain Skexin's three souls who occupy the three skulls of his body consist of Silz the Negotiator, Soze the General, and Shoz the Collector. In most situations they speak as one entity, Skexin, but at times when something peaks the interest of one's pursuits over the others, a singular skull and soul will speak, asserting control over the body. 


  • Meazels who have become known as Zealots of Skexin seek to serve him regardless of whether he even knows it. They operate in and around The Derelict.

  • Coilexus is a dracolich who serves as his most loyal enforcer and mount. Coilexus is also in charge of commanding the flight of shadow dragons.

  • Shadow Dragons are collected and pressed into service under Coilexus' command. The Flight patrols the Decrepid Saltwastes on Chamberlin Skexins order.

  • Spawn of Kyuss have been bound to Chamberlin Skexins service through an unknown Overlord controlling them. Captured enemies with no other purpose are placed in the "Sarcophagus of Rebirth" and become host to Kyuss worms which are fed into it from a nearby chamber. The Spawn of Kyuss patrol The Derelict on foot looking for new hosts to convert. Anyone who lacks the Blessing of Skexin becomes food for the worms.

  • Various other undead, bound to Skexin or the Overlord he has placed to control them. They can serve a variety of purposes. Such as beasts of burden, guards, or manual labor. Most are mindless, but some are intelligent. Of the intelligent, most are slaves while some are hidden loyalists. It's near impossible to tell the difference though until it's too late.

A great number of these corrupted dragons were spotted in the skies above us while we were in the Thui'gàil (Shadowfell). The serve a more powerful dracolich called Coilexus, who in turn serves Chamberlin Skexin. After we gave the Dragon Orb to the Crowwitch Maugosma it is possible she has taken control of some number of these dragons, though we left before seeing what she was going to do with it.

Bleeding from nose and ear, Silas "Bad Eye" Elaro scribbled down this story in parts due to a mental connection he made to the Great Tree of Mirelonging, when he attempted to ask it for the Archfey's name.

Long before Oortha knew Dawn, before the Veils thinned and opened. The denizens here were largely ignorant of the Otherrealms.

However, within the Domain of Deeproots, which lay near the heart of Sithi'fia, where a Well of Knowledge dwelt. Here also lived one of the earliest tribe of Feykind, the Orixin, and it was their duty to tend to the Well while never making use of it themselves. For it was believed by the Firsts, that doing so would lead to a Malignant Obsession. For their Kind was malleable and could go through traumatic metamorphosis under certain circumstances. Many of the Feykinds were brought to be from Orixin going through such changes, however, often these progenitors then returned to the Orixin both in form and function. This was paramount to their tribe as they as themselves could no longer increase in number. The Firsts, who claim were told by the gods, feared that the Malignant Obsession would bring about a Prophecy that would reveal a new Kind, one there was no return from.  Thus all feared this one Fate.

Save for One that is. It was this One who would linger near the Well and listen to the whispers that emanate from it. Eventually this One would convinced around a dozen other Orixin to also set aside fear, to ever listen and learn.

Their drive for knowledge grew, and hints of the Otherrealms were gleaned. Thus when the virgin tides of the Veil waned and opened, the group of knowledge seekers ventured through without hesitation. 

Save for One that is. It was this same One who who led them to set aside their fear, yet when the time came the One was afraid. Many Seekers returned and eventually convinced all Orixin to go through and explore, all save One. Eventually none returned and the One was alone, and knew that the One would die alone as Ninullem, their word for "Last of One's Kind"

Later, through the whispers, the One would learn of many of the Orixin's Fates. Most perished, some were lost forever, and others fell prey to their own Malignant Obsession. Thus it came to be fulfilled as the Firsts feared it would be. The Prophecy of the Meig (Witch in Old Sylvan)

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