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A Pesh is a tree-dwelling browsing omnivore native to Bodue. They exist in vast quantities, wild and domesticated.


Pesh evolved from larger forest floor ruminants that had a lot in common with Earth's wild boars. They adapted to Rootlands and Pseudofloors, developing a smaller, lower physique and adaptations for climbing - a rarity among Gravosteoids. Like most, they have dense bones, four limbs and viviparous reproductive systems.

The Pesh has a longish prehensile neck, flat snout, and chameleonic eyes. Their eyes are adapted to predator evasion: a negative lens, positive cornea, and monocular focusing all in common with Earth's Chameleon. In short, they have sharp vision and independently mobile eyes placed quite opposite to one another on their skulls. They carry no glimmer of intelligence.

Pesh are climbers, but not great ones. As Gravosteoids they climb with grip and claw, lacking the setae common to Levosteoids. This means they cannot grip [Finished_Sapwood like the Haaru who make it. Pesh Brastures are often undergirded with netting to (frequently) prevent their death by falling. 

Pesh are r-strategists, eating voraciously and producing broods of about 5-9. As they are relatively poor at climbing, nearly defenseless against predators, and adventurous eaters lacking an inclination towards caution, Pesh seem to die in new, creative ways all the time. 

Pesh are omnivorous and have a robust digestive system, able to digest carrion and excreta in addition to meat and vegetation. 


Pesh are, like most livestock, bred into a form that exhibits incredible docility and astounding stupidity. 

They cannibalize their dead, but will not prey on the wounded or ill unless starving. 


In Haaru Culture

Haaru culture has a children's game called Pesh-Pesh-Kepesh, which has identical rules to Duck-Duck-Goose. The game is a reference to choosing a target for the traditional dish Gekepeshiyik.

Pesh are fertility symbols in many Haaru cultures, an association pre-dating but reinforced by the holiday of Kepeshnags.

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