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The Hitchhiker's Oath is a sworn code of conduct governing the principles of autonomous action of Guildsmen, members of The Hitchhiker's Guild. It is designed to ensure that all agents of the Guild are able to act in accordance with its mission, without the need of leadership or collaboration. This allows for greater anonymity and more strict control of communications.

It is partly adapted from the original The Twelve Traditions, pre-cult era, as much of its original membership found recruitment success in the informal networks of Al-Anon (Cult). It also encapsulates much of the conclusions made from the wisdom contained in Rabbit's Guide to North American Travel.

The full text is memorized to the word as part of Hitchhiker Initiation.

TODO: Incorporate all principles mentioned in Rabbit's Guide to North American Travel.


Travel is sacred, for as a transient state between actions it cannot carry ethical valence on its own. If one is acting, they are not traveling; If one is traveling, they are moving to and from actions with ethical valence.
    I will protect myself foremost, as the progress for our mission depends on the survival of its agents.
    I will protect my fellow travelers, and ensure that those who transport and house them have good intentions.
    I will leave roadways, campsites and other places of travel better than I found them.
    I will assist locals when they are in need of help.
    I will undermine structures of tyranny where the suffering of their subjects is in clear evidence.
    I will seek help when I cannot effect positive change on my own.
    I will seek not power, glory or wealth, for those should be my downfall.
    I will draw strength where others see weakness: In my solitude, my silence, from The Principle of Being Small
    I will work in secret whenever possible. My identity is secret and trust must be earned.   
    I will protect my fellow hitchhikers, and if necessary lay down my life if it be to the benefit of our mission.

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