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The Crystal S is a Hypersigil that reached widespread Western currency with adolescents in the 1990s. It is considered the textbook example of a Hypersigil engineered as a Viral Meme.


Crystal S was initially seeded into middle school populations via Radiopsychic Broadcasting (RPB), one of the first public uses of Radiopsychic Facsimile - the transmission of visual imagery into the mind of a recipient.

Cool S is extremely simple in a logical sense (nine or so lines in a symmetrical pattern, the word "Cool"), leading to a low cognitive barrier to adaptation. This meant high adaptability to new hosts and effortless cultural spread. 

Just Rewrite this entire part:

Of course it wasn't publicly called Cool S until cultural retrospectives like Soimon Boyd's Do You Remember that COOL Frickin' Letter S from the 90s? It's So Rad! deemed it so, but that eventual etymology dovetailed neatly (and debatably coincidentally) into the description used by the Radiopsychic Division [Rename] itself. 

Let me ret-con that: Soimon Boyd glows. He has addressed this in I Am NOT a Heckin' GLOWIE!!!, but most are unconvinced. 


Not sure yet. 

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