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  1. Likovi

Slklwlrlklisktslok ("Lisko")


Slklwlrlklisktslok ("Lisko") is a Glil from Lgbllgks


Lisko used to be a spy for the ruling regime of Lgbllgks. They might also still be one - it's hard to tell. They were initiated into GllgrrirlrkSpyAgency at a young age due to their extreme psychic and synaesthetic aptitude. 

They spent many years living in a humanoid Biosleeve (Raziah), to the extent that they felt very much at home in her. They aged as her, and even delivered two children in her. But then the time came to complete their mission, and Raziah was taken back before Lisko had a chance to say goodbye to their family. In return as part of their retirement, the regime gave them a new Exosuit, a real piece of shit that feels more like a prison than a vehicle.

They still find many aspects of human life puzzling, but they go along with them and consider the joys worth all the trouble. They would like to  reacquire Raziah, to reunite with their family and finish their human life. 



Lisko can occupy a number of different Worm Exosuits that can take many forms. They are the most varied character in the game in terms of the range of their abilities and expressions.

Switching Exosuits is a delicate process, as Lisko must transition through a highly pressurized and ammonia-infused environment to survive the transition. The ship requires a Barotherapy Chamber with an Ammonia Infuser, or some kind of shit like that. These are also available at some travel locations, but limited to those locations that are human-centric with some population of Glils.

Initial Exosuit

Basically an ammonia barochamber on treads, like a dogshit version of R2-D2. Slow, weak, clumsy, and not all that sturdy. Poor scores in everything until it's replaced. 

Visual expressions consist of an LED that shows one of three colors to indicate agreement, disagreement and neutrality. The voice output is distorted, loud, and can barely string together a coherent sentence.

This is an extremely old model of Exosuit. Lisko had a really nice one once, but it was destroyed so he's stuck with this one.

Spiderbot Exosuit

Spidersuits are entirely mechanical, and feel a little bit soulless to Lisko, but it's nothing they aren't used to. 

Lisko's psychic abilities are quite hampered in these suits, but they have an excellent score in Struggle and Adaptation. The suit can be outfitted with a wide variety of armaments or utility modules, specifically oriented towards fighting fires, repairing the ship, etc.

Crystal Symbiotes

Most likely with the assistance of Samsari, Lisko can occupy a Crystal Symbiote. There may be multiple forms of this, but if there's just one, it gives a good look at Lisko's physiology. This form is extremely mobile, and immune to some environmental hazards that most aren't (asphyxiation, fire, radiation?). It offers a medium-high expression of Lisko's psychic powers, since it requires some of his effort just to operate the thing. 

Gunnar Halverson remarks that Lisko looks like a gusano in a bottle of Mezcal. He assures them he's drank the worm before and isn't looking to try it again.

Crash Test Dummy

The Dummy is a minimalist humanoid sleeve, sort of in between the mechanical and true humanoid forms. The Dummy excels in durability, being nearly indestructible and therefore effective as a meat shield in firefights, or being sent to the exterior of the ship for repair work. 

The facial and vocal expressions of the Dummy are extremely limited, but intended to broadly imitate those of a human. They are somewhat communicative, but mostly unsettling. 

Humanoid Biosleeve

This is an actual human body grown for use as an exosuit. It never had its own sentience and most of its cerebellum has not developed. Lisko is implanted into the skull and controls it through neural interface machinery and direct biological interface. They actually begin to experience human emotion, though in a synaesthetic way. This is not to imply that Glil don't experience emotion - they do, it's just entirely different. 

Lisko's mannerisms and vocal expressions are entirely natural in this state, though a bit childlike. This is their most coordinated form, as the body is designed for the environment designed for its body. Make sense?

Minimalist / Worm-Forward

In this form, Lisko's physical body is almost fully revealed. They feel freest in this form, and this leads to their highest self-actualization. However, their physical forms is also completely revolting to pretty much everyone else, and might even have some drawbacks in terms of quality of life or interactions.

The upside to Lisko's self-actualization is that their psychic abilities flourish. This form makes them one of the most powerful psychic characters in the game. 

Cryptic Orb

The Cryptic Orb is a large boulder-sized orb with a glowing core. It is permeable and soft when unoccupied, but becomes solid when the occupant activates it. When activated, it floats in the air and greatly enhances their psychic abilities... to a terrifying degree. Lisko almost seems drunk with power, and even starts getting rude and bossy. 

There's an option here for a Devil's Bargain: pick the uber-powerful sleeve for Lisko, but it sends them down a dark path. 

Lisko believes this Orb is evidence that somewhere Glils have managed to replicate Cryptic Artifacts for their own purposes, since it seems calibrated for someone of their species.

Track down Raziah

This is a terminal quest in Lisko's Arc, which should follow the use of several previous Biosleeves & Exosuits. It represents the culmination of their main desire in life.

First, there is a bit of a search. Lisko doesn't know exactly where Raziah is, but had the forethought to keep the tracking information before giving her up.


  • Raziah was sold into the private sector to a wealthy buyer. Most likely would be used for at best hedonistic ends, since many Sleeve Tourists have little regard for their hosts.
  • Raziah is being reused by GllgrrirlrkSpyAgency for further use in human espionage. Biosleeves are costly to manufacture, so they rarely let them go to waste. This would be a dire possibility, as the new occupant would have the means to put up quite a fight if you try to retake her by force. There's also the possibility of accidentally destroying the sleeve. 
  • GllgrrirlrkSpyAgency has slated Raziah for destruction, deeming her too worn-out for reuse. Not in like a sexist way. In like, a space worm way.

The upside to these possibilities is that Lisko has inside knowledge of all of them. They can make pretty accurate guesses as to where Raziah would be in each of those scenarios, narrowing the search to one location per scenario.

Maybe there's an always-right answer, or maybe it varies per run. The varied possibility would be cool if replayability is a goal.

Success in this branch opens up Branches 1A & 1C. Failure opens up 1B.

1A Return Raziah to Lisko

Opens Branch 2

1B Give Lisko a new but comparable Biosleeve

She might even be from the same genotype as Raziah, but is either far too fresh a clone to pass as her age, or if the age is correct has been used in ways that leave the body in less than mint condition. The brainstem feels "off," according to Lisko, but the difference is acceptable.

Opens Branch 2

1C Sell Raziah

2A Return Lisko to their family

Varies according to 1A/1B

Opens Branch 3

2B Keep Lisko away from their family

3A Reveal Lisko's secret to their family

3C Protect Lisko's secret from their family





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