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The original campaign that created this world!

The Elevator Pitch
The Age of Man has passed, and the civilized races don’t blink an eye. Anyone over 4 feet sticks out in a crowd amongst the scattered city-states.  Meanwhile, under the surface of the world, fantastic creatures, political machinations, and eldritch creations lurk.

Explore the world and meet its peoples! Make a name for yourself and others! Kill Devils and Dragons.

A dragon, unleashed from its subterranean prison. A devil, colluded with. A city, overthrown.

This is the tale of a band of adventurers.

All entities tagged with this tag were involved in the campaign.

Game System: D&D 5e

Starring (Alphabetical)


Primarily in the Karn Desert focusing on Karn and Tabuk the hidden city beneath.

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Created by James prije 2 godine. Last modified by James prije 4 mjeseca

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