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Cendis was first met inside the Temple of Garyx, it is so far unknown where he came from. It is clear he’s familiar with the temple.

He is an anomaly. Clearly some kind of abomination on par with the Half-Elves. Perhaps blood magic, perhaps arcane secrets, or an unholy consummation. He shows scales over much of his body, the only parts not covered in the bright red scaling are the dexterous sections of his hands and feet, and most his face. His long hair hangs to his shoulder, platinum blonde with just enough yellow to distinguish it from white or silver. His teeth have a sharpness to them that is somewhat unsettling.

Cendis’ personality leaves much to be desired. He fluctuates between either being grating or charming depending on his mood. He is greedy, focused on gaining power for himself, and determined not to have people get in his way. His ability to form plans as such might be considered ‘sub-par’ and he does not think ahead very much, however to think him an idiot would be inaccurate. He has compiled a decent library of arcane and religious texts and is well versed in History, Religion, and Arcana.

He’s a dick to everyone. But he can keep the party alive if it’s any consolation. He also happens to be the only way to move city to city quickly.

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