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Arburg/Arcastle is the capital and largest city of the Arden. Standing on the Inner Blue Sea, Arburg has been a major settlement for over two centuries. Arcastle was founded by settlers from Orlene following the Conquest of Thaelia.

Recognised as the capital of Arden since at least the 8th century, Arburg is home to the Ardienian Parliament and the seat of the monarchy in Arden. The city is also the annual venue of the General Assembly of the Church of Light, and home to national institutions such as the National Library of Arden, the Memorial of Thaelia, and the Arden National Gallery.


The Ardian Fortress was first built by human settlers from Kinross to expand human control over Thaelia during the 3rd century AC. In the fourth century AC, the fortress and growing city was no longer properly defended, so the Ardian Castle was built a few kilometres up the river, as well as a new village around it. During the 8th century AC, the city of Arburg and the surrounding villages and cities declared their own kingdom and formed Arden.

New fortifications were built around the village, which is now all part of the inner city of Arburg . The city has since overgrown its' fortifications, and new ones have not been built since the region is fairly peaceful.


Situated in the Maiden Plains, Arburg is located on the Leibal River, and a four days ride from Sollas, the second biggest city of the Kingdom.


As the political and financial centre of Arden, Arburg has some of the highest standard of living of the kingdom.

It is known for the following exporting produce:

  • Good Beer. Arburg beer is very famous for its richness and taste. The wheat is grown on the Maiden Plains.
  • The wolves of the Grim Forest. The fur of the wolves sells for a high price thanks to their quality and size.

Known for

  • A nearby source provides fresh water to the city that is delivered to most houses. The water is also used for the beer.
  • The Royal family is known for their kindness, hospitality and caring of their subjects.
  • The cleric temple is famous for being very old and prestigious. It trains the best cleric of Thaelia and has the best teachers.

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