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The group gathered for brunch at the Crystal Carrot, with Christopher back among the gang, one money pouch lighter. After brunch, the met up with Naomi to learn more about the hunt's rules and potential leads.

After a fruitful meeting, they split off into groups to focus on various tasks. Christopher and Sett went to the Duke and gave him updated information. He asked them to deliver a letter to Geralt Harbridge. Aggma and Ratyn headed off to the bells and gathered info about legendary animals and swords. Oris headed off to taverns, also looking for hints, and bumped into Nastus Derivern, having his family future read.

The next day, the group gathered again for lunch again, determine their focus. Sett and Ratyn went to look for Nastus, where Sett sat down with Nastus for a beer and talked. The subject of Nastus's past came up, and Christopher's pouch. Nastus didn't trust Sett with the pouch, so tried to leave. Sett grabbed his arm, and Nastus tried to persuade Sett to let go with a command spell, which failed.

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