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Found as a baby, Medb was raised by an old Hermit, only known as "Outcast". He never spoke much about his life but teached Medb everything she needed to know to life in the forest by herself. Also he showed her the ways of the druid and the connection to and between her and nature.

After the old hermit died, she left the forest to learn more about the world.

She holds up the teaching of the old hermit and belives in the four elements and their Avatar:

Em, Avatar of Fire

Nix, Avatar of Water

Dyeus, Avatar of Wind

Rhea, Avatar of Earth



1 Action, 30 Feet, V, S, Instant

  • Weather Forecast for 24 hours
  • Flower blossom, Seed pod open, leaf Bud Bloom
  • Harmless Sensory effect (5 foot cube)
  • Light/snuff out a candle, torch or small campfire


1 Action, Touch, V, S, Concentration up to 1 Minute

Touch one willing creature. Once add a d4 roll to a ability check of its choice.


1 Minute, Touch, V, S, M (two lodestones), Instant

Repair a single break or tear in an object (1 foot).

Poison Spray:

1 Action, 10 feet, V, S, Instant

Const saving throw or 2d12 damage (poison)

Produce Flame:

1 Action, Self, V, S, 10 Minutes

Flame in hand, 10 feet light (bright), 10 feet (dim)

30 feet throw, 2d8 Fire damage


1 Action, Touch, V, S, M (a miniature cloak), Concentration 1 minute

+1d4 to saving throw


1 Bonus Action, Touch, V, S, M (mistletoe, a shamrock leaf, a club or quartarstaff) 1 minute

Spellcasting ability instead of strength for attack and damage roll, damage = d8, magical

Thorn Whip:

1 Action, 30 Feet, V, S, M (the stem of a plant with thorns), Instant

2d6 damage, if larg or smaller, 10 feet closer

1st Level Spells

  • Animal Friendship:

1 Action, 30 Feet, V, S, M (a morsel of food), 24 Hours

Charm a beast, skill level +1 beast

  • Charm Person:

1 Action, 30 Feet, V, S, 1 hour

Charm creature, skill level +1 creature

  • Create or Destroy Water:

1 Action, 30 feet, V, S, M (1 drop of water for creating, few gains of sand for destroying), Instant

Creat 10 gallons of clean water in a open container or rain in 30 foot range, extinguishing flames or

Destroy 10 gallons of water in a open container or 30 foot cube fog

skill level + 10 gallons / 5 feet

  • Cure Wounds:

1 Action, Touch, V, S, Instant

1d8 + spellcasting modifier

skill level + 1d8

  • Detect Magic:

1 Action, Self, V, S, Concentration up to 10 minutes (RITUAL)

30 feet detect magic

  • Detect Poison or Disease:

1 Action, Self, V, S, M (a yew leaf) Concentration up to 10 minutes (RITUAL)

30 feet detect Poison and Disease

  • Entangle:

1 Action, 90 feet, V, S, Concentration up to 1 minute

20 foot square difficult terrain, Creatures within are restrained

  • Faerie Fire:

1 Action, 60 feet, V, Concentration up to 1 minute

20 foot cube, glowning advantage if attacked

  • Fog Cloud:

1 Action, 120 Feet, V, S, Concentration up to 1 hour

20 foot sphere of fog, heavily obscured

skill level + 20 feet radius

  • Goodberry:

1 Action, Touch, V, S, M (a sprig of mistletoe), Instant

Food for 1 day, +1 hp

  • Healing word:

1 Bonus Action, 60 feet, V, Instant

1d4 + Spellcasting modifier

skill level + 1d4

  • Jump:

1 Action, touch, V, S, M (a grasshopper's hind leg), 1 minute

Jump distance x3

  • Longstrider: 

1 Action, Touch, V, S, M (a pinch of dirt), 1 hour

+ 10 feet speed

skill level + 1 creature

  • Purify Food and Drink:

1 Action, 10 feet, V, S, Instant (RITUAL)

normal Food and drink gets purified (5 foot sphere)

  • Speak with Animals:

1 Action, Self, V, S, 10 Minutes, (RITUAL)

Speak with Animals

  • Thunderwave:

1 Action, Self (15 feet cube), V, S, Instant

2d8 Thunder damage + pushed 10 feet away

skill level + 1d8



Staff of the Woodlands


Leather Armor

Wooden Shield


Stone of Good Luck

Pearl of Power


Wooden Staff (Focus)

Traveller's Clothes

Hunting Trap

Beast Shapes


Badger (Giant)



Hyena (Giant)

Owl (Giant, Fly)

Blood hawk (Fly)

Flying snake (Fly)

Giant rat

Giant weasel

Poisonous snake (Giant, Swim)


Stirge (Fly)


Constrictor snake (Swim)


Giant Bat (Fly)

Giant frog (swim)

Giant lizard

Giant wolf spider




Black bear

Giant wasp (Fly)

Brown bear

Dire Wolf

Giant spider

Giant Toad (Swim)


2nd Level Spells

  • Animal Messenger
  • Beast Sense
  • Darkvision
  • Enhance ability
  • Find Traps
  • Flame Blade
  • Flaming sphere
  • Gust of Wind
  • Heat Metal
  • Hold Person
  • Lesser Restoration
  • Locate Animals or Plants
  • Locate Object
  • Moonbeam
  • Pass without Trace
  • Protection from Poison
  • Spike Growth

3rd Level Spells

  • Conjure Animals
  • Daylight
  • Dispel Magic
  • Feign Death
  • Meld into Stone
  • Protection from Energy
  • Sleet storm
  • Speak with Plants
  • Water Breathing
  • Water walk
  • Wind Wall

4th Level Spells

  • Blight
  • Confusion
  • Conjure Minor Elemental
  • Conjure Woodland Beings
  • Control Water
  • Dominate Beast
  • Giant Insect
  • Grasping Vine
  • Hallucinatory Terrain
  • Ice Storm
  • Locate Creature
  • Polymorph
  • Stone Shape
  • Stoneskin
  • Wall of Fire

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