Powerful features with incredible flexibility

Kanka is constantly being updated with new features and improvements, but here are some of the most important ones we think you’ll love.

Free to Use

All core features of Kanka are absolutely free, with bonuses for our subscribers.


Not alone? We've got you covered! You can invite your friends and co-dungeon master to help you build your campaign!

Frequent Community Driven Updates

Kanka goes through frequent community driven updates, with new features added every month. We go into details about these updates on our Discord.


With modules covering everything from from Maps to Timelines, and Calendars to Events, Kanka makes it easy to organize complex worlds.


Every module such as characters or locations can be enabled or disabled at any time, making it easy for you to customise your campaign.

RPG Campaign Management

From and in-depth permission system, to Quests, Journals, Characters, Abilities and embedded audio and video, we help you manage your campaign and upcoming tpk.

Boosted Campaigns

Certain pledge levels provide users with boosters that they can use to boost campaigns. These provide the following benefits.

Boosted campaign
Fixed campaign theme
Custom campaign css
Custom entity tooltips: show image, change text
Entity header image
Set custom dashboards for roles of the campaign Learn more
Set custom default entity images
Set links on entities to external resources and websites
No ads on the campaign
Increased upload sizes for all members
Increased max uploaded files per entity (up to 5 instead of 3)
Entity recovery for up to 30 days
Explore the relations of entities visually
Beta access to some new features for 30 days before general release

Superboosted Campaigns

Using three campaign boosters on a campaign will make it Superboosted, unlocking the following features.

Campaign Gallery and integrations with the Summernote text editor
Full change logs on entities (up to 30 days)
Campaign achievements page
Up to 10 files uploaded to each entity