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"There's a weird old couple who live way upriver. They come into town from time to time. They're utterly unafraid of the dangers of Yeoldelands."16
"There used to be an large religious order who served the goddess Ferrona, the Iron Shieldmaiden. The mountains must be littered with their abandoned mines and temples."16
"One of Jiran's lads disappeared the other day, foraging around that old gully I reckon. He said someone had built a bridge across it."16
"See, I told you those old tales were true - there's a ruddy great dragon watching us from its cave right now!"17
"This area seems to attract lone soles living their lives out as hermits. They're all barking mad and dangerous."17
"That jeweller up at the keep must have some bulging vaults. Just think how many adventurers have entrusted their loot to him then never come back!"
"Hilda said she heard voices in that old watchtower deep in the woods. Y'know, human voices."
"My cousin, one of the keep guards, said that a powerful wizard went to purge those cave dens, but disappeared. Festooned in arcane doo-dads, he was."
"The Baron ain't too keen on the leadership at that keep outpost. My aunt said the Castellan cuckolded him years ago, and ol' Grellus has killed for less."

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