What are Attributes?

Use attributes to represent values attached to an entity that aren't text. You can reference entities in attributes using the advanced mentions syntax [entity:id]. You can also reference other attributes by using the {Level} syntax.

You can also get creative with some basic math options. For example, {Level}*{Con} will multiple the :level and :con attributes of this entity. If you want to round up or down, you can use floor({Level}/3) or ceil(({Con}*{Level})/2)

When creating or editing an attribute template, you can set random attributes. This can either be a random value between two numbers separated by -, or a random value from a list of values separated by ,. The value for the attribute is determined when the template is applied to an entity, or when an entity is saved.

For example, if you want a number between 1 and 100, use 1-100. If you want a value from a list of options, use London, Berlin, Rome, Zürich.

You can reference the entity's name with {name}. If an attribute exists with that name, the attribute will be used instead.

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