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The Goddess of Time's Lawful Inevitability

AKA: She Who Watches the Sands, the Faceless Bride of Time, the Goddess of the Lonely, the Lost and Lunatics

Symbol: Broken Hourglass

Glaria is the goddess of the lawful inevitability of time itself. She is the eternal moment of the final tick of time. She moves from the fullness of one moment to the next, watching between the seconds of the Prime Plane for the opportunities which lie there. It is she who interferes with the events of lives, causes the swing of Law to happen, and forces final outcomes. Glaria is the wife of Merramorina and mother of the Family of Inevitability. She has been know to have affairs with comely mortals of particular genius (e.g., artists, lovers and madmen). It is one of these affairs that produced her bastard son Sertitti.

She wears a gown of draped black velvet, about which float a host of small jewels and tiny stars (which move with her). In contrast to her pale white skin, her eyes are black spheres of swirling space and time. Glaria loathes the undead, because it is she who guides creatures toward their inevitable deaths. The undead, however, make a mockery of these deeds by to returning to ‘life.’ In turn, Glaria is the bane of the undead, and seeks to destroy them whenever she can. For this reason, Glaria is commonly worshipped by small communities plagued by scourges of undead.

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