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Scholars at Morgrave University call the last five thousand years the Age of Humanity, contending that its defining trait is the rise of human civilization and its spread from Sarlona to Khorvaire. The gnome sages of the Library of Korranberg call it the Dragonmarked Age, asserting that the appearance of the dragonmarks and the achievements of the dragonmarked houses are more significant in the grand sweep of history than mere human achievements. Most people dodge this debate by simply referring to it as the modern age.

Alterations from Canon

Move up Daelkyr invasion from -9000 YK to -5000 YK

Move up foundation of Dhakaan from -16k YK to -9000 YK

Age of Giants ends -10k, not -38k

Age of Monsters (YK) -10 000 — -4 000

The era of goblinoid empires on Khorvaire

  • Goblin Kingdoms Arise -10000 YK

    The giants revert to primitive monsters living in the ruins of their shattered civilization as the dragons return to their secluded continent and the elves settle Aerenal. On Khorvaire, the first of the goblin kingdoms rises in the area that will become Breland and Darguun

  • Orc Nations Arise

    Orc nations arise in western Khorvaire to compete with the goblin kingdoms.

  • Founding of the Dhakaani Empire -9000 YK

    The Dhakaani unite the goblin nations to create the greatest empire the goblins have ever known. The Gatekeepers appear among the orcs of western Khorvaire.

  • Founding of Ja'sharaat

    Founding of Ja’shaarat, the first settlement at the site of modern Sharn.

  • Dragonborn Empire

    Flourishing and fall of the dragonborn empire of Q’barra.

  • Dwarven Migration

    Dwarves migrate from the Frostfell to the Ironroot Mountains.

  • Tairnadal Colonization

    Tairnadal elves from northern Aerenal establish a colony in what is now present-day Valenar. Peaceful coexistence doesn’t last, and the elves come into conflict with the Dhakaani. The elves abandon the colony when another clash with the dragons threatens Aerenal.

  • Collapse of the Dhakaani Empire -4000 YK

    Weakened by the Daelkyr War, the Dhakaani Empire is shattered by infighting and civil strife, eventually leading to the collapse of the goblin civilization.

Age of Dragonmarks (YK) -4 000 — 0

  • The greatpine Oalian is awakened—some say by a Gatekeeper druid, others by Vvaraak herself. Over time, Oalian becomes recognized as the Great Druid, a spiritual authority respected by all the druids of the Eldeen Reaches.

  • First Dragonmarks Appear -2200 YK

    The Mark of Hospitality appears among halflings of the Talenta Plains. The Mark of Shadow and the Mark of Death appear among the elves of Aerenal.

  • The adventurer Lhazaar leads a wave of human settlers from Sarlona to the eastern shores of Khorvaire, establishing what comes to be known as the Lhazaar Principalities. The Mark of Healing appears among halflings of the Talenta Plains.

  • Founding of Shaarat -1975 YK

    Malleon the Reaver builds a fortress amid goblin ruins on the edge of the Dagger River, naming his keep Shaarat. Over time, it expands to become a powerful city.

  • Human Expansion. Mark of Scribing Appears. -1800 YK

    Humans are aggressively expanding across Khorvaire, fighting and oppressing the goblins and other natives. The Mark of Scribing appears among the gnomes of Zilargo.

  • Mark of Sentinel -1650 YK

    The Mark of Sentinel appears among humans in the expanding city-state of Korth.

  • Eradication of the Line of Vol -1600 YK

    The Aereni discover that the line of Vol, which carries the Mark of Death, has been performing magebreeding experiments with rogue dragons in hopes of enhancing the mark. The Undying Court joins forces with Argonnessen and completely wipes out the line of Vol. Elves that supported Vol are exiled to Khorvaire, and the elves of House Phiarlan choose to relocate there.

  • Mark of Warding -1500 YK

    Humans have spread across Khorvaire, and the city-states that will eventually become the Five Nations are now well established: Daskara, Korth, Metrol, Thaliost, and Wroat. The Mark of Making appears among humans of Metrol. The Mark of Warding appears among the dwarves of the Ironroot Mountains.

  • Sharaat becomes Sharn -1400 YK

    King Bregor of Wroat destroys the rival city of Shaarat, asserting his power over the region. He eventually rebuilds the city and renames it Sharn.

  • Karrn the Conqueror seizes control of Korth and establishes the nation of Karrnath. After defeating the remaining goblinoid settlements, he unsuccessfully attempts to conquer Daskara, Metrol, Thaliost, and Wroat. The Mark of Storm appears among half-elves of Daskara.

  • Mark of Passage -900 YK

    The Mark of Passage appears among humans in Thaliost

  • Mark of Handling appears. Creation of the Kalashtar. -800 YK

    The Mark of Handling appears among humans in western Thaliost. Adaran monks become voluntary vessels for quori spirits in Dal Quor, creating the Inconnu.

  • The Sundering -600 YK

    In Sarlona, the Sundering begins. Over the next two hundred years, the Inconnu use manipulation and greed to stir up riots and wars across the continent. These conflicts lead to a wave of human refugees settling on Khorvaire, notably in the Shadow Marches and the the Demon Wastes. Tiefling and human refugees from Sarlona establish the Venemous Demesne in what is now Droaam.

The Kingdom of Galifar (YK) 0 — 893

Known rulers of Galifar

  • Galifar I from -28 YK to 40 YK
  • Inconnu 40 YK to ???
  • Galifar ir'Wynarn II after Cyre
  • Galifar III ??? (Presumably after Galifar II)
  • King Daroon in 512 YK 
  • Marala ir'Wynarn in 545 YK
  • Queen Joliana in 558 YK
  • King Thaldren IV in 734 YK
  • King Jarot from at least 845 YK to 894 YK

Unknown Dates

  • Birth of Galifar -45 YK

    Galifar Wynarn is born in Karrnath

  • Galifar I -24 YK

    Galifar assumes rulership of Karrnath.

  • The Mark of Finding appears among the people of the Shadow Marches.

  • Founding of the Kingdom of Galifar 1 YK

    After a long campaign of conquest and diplomacy, Galifar I unites the nations of Khorvaire under his rule, declaring this realm the United Kingdom of Galifar. During the later reign of Cyre’s son, Galifar the Dark, a new calendar establishes this year as the first Year of the Kingdom (YK).

  • Establishment of the Five Provinces 2 YK

    Galifar I appoints his five eldest children as governor of the provinces of the new kingdom. He renames these regions after his children. Daskara becomes Thrane, Metrol becomes Cyre, Thaliost becomes Aundair, and Wroat is named Breland after his daughter Brey. Galifar’s son Karrn governs Karrnath, which remains unchanged.

  • Reconstruction of Sharn 5 YK

    Galifar I and Pricess Brey begin the reconstruction of the ruined city of Sharn. The ir'Tain family invests heavily int he construction.

  • Galifar I establishes the Arcane Congress

  • Sarmondelaryx's Wrath 22 YK

    The rogue dragon Sarmondelaryx carries out a reign of terror. When Prince Thrane raises an army to face her, she slays him and scatters the army. The area devastated in the battle becomes known as the Burnt Wood. Sarmondelaryx isn’t seen again for centuries.

  • The decade-long Galifar-Lhazaar War begins

  • First Transition of Power 40 YK

    Galifar I, now eighty-five years old, steps down and passes rulership of the kingdom to his eldest daughter, Cyre.

  • Death of Galifar 53 YK

    Galifar I dies.

  • House Kundarak is recognized by the dragonmarked houses and becomes part of the Twelve.

  • Year of Blood and Fire 298 YK

    The Year of Blood and Fire. The overlord Bel Shalor is partially released from his bonds, and fiends terrorize Thrane.

  • The paladin Tira Miron sacrifices herself to rebind Bel Shalor. Her allies establish the Church of the Silver Flame, and the cathedral of Flamekeep is built around the pillar of fire marking her sacrifice.

  • Stormhome 347 YK

    House Lyrandar takes possession of an island off the coast of Aundair to create Stormhome.

  • Integration of the Mark of Finding 498 YK

    House Sivis discovers heirs with the Mark of Finding while exploring the Shadow Marches. Sivis helps the Marchers build House Tharashk, which is quickly recognized by the Twelve.

  • King Daroon orders the construction of the Starpeaks Observatory in Aundair, now used by the Arcane Congress to study the moons and stars.

  • Cazhaak Draal 778 YK

    A group of medusas emerge from Khyber and take possession of Cazhaak Draal, a Dhakaani ruin in what is now Droaam.

  • Message Stations 789 YK

    House Sivis message stations begin operations, dramatically improving long-distance communication.

  • Stormreach 802 YK

    The Kingdom of Galifar, in cooperation with the dragonmarked houses, funds the upgrade of the trade city of Stormreach on the northern peninsula of Xen’drik.

  • Lycanthropic Surge 830 YK

    Lycanthropy surges in the Towering Wood. The people of western Aundair suffer a wave of attacks and wererat infiltration.

  • First Lightning Rail 811 YK

    The first lightning rail connects Flamekeep and Fairhaven.

  • Wave of Lightning Rail Construction 845 YK

    King Jarot begins a public works project to connect all of central Khorvaire via lightning rails. Within twenty years, lines connect the Five Nations, Zilargo, the Mror Holds, and the Talenta Plains.

  • Deneith employs goblin mercenaries 878 YK

    House Deneith begins to provide clients with goblinoid mercenaries from the Darguun region.

The Last War (YK) > 894

The Last War raged for over a hundred years, shattered the Kingdom of Galifar, and changed the face of Khorvaire forever
  • Karrnath's New State Religion 896 YK

    King Kaius I of Karrnath embraces the Blood of Vol as Karrnath’s state religion. The Order of the Emerald Claw is established.

  • New King of Karrnath 910 YK

    Kaius II ascends to the throne of Karrnath after the mysterious death of Kaius I.

  • Miners in the Mror Holds break through into the deeper halls of the Realms Below.

  • The Mror Holds declares its independence in the first Iron Council. Thalin of Thrane dies and the Church of the Silver Flame assumes control of the nation

  • Destruction of the Glass Tower 918 YK

    Unknown saboteurs destroy the Glass Tower of Sharn.

  • Founding of Q'barra 928 YK

    Ven ir’Kesslan leads settlers from the Five Nations to forge the nation of Q'barra

  • The Eldeen Reaches declares itself an independent nation under the protection of the Wardens of the Wood and the guidance of the Great Druid Oalian.

  • Boranel ir’Wynarn becomes king of Breland

  • Zilargo formally aligns with Breland

  • Invention of Modern Warforged 965 YK

    House Cannith perfects the modern-era warforged, living constructs designed to fight the Last War.

  • House Thuranni splits off from House Phiarlan.

  • Religious Overturn in Karrnath 976 YK

    Regent Moranna ir'Wynarn of Karrnath condemns the Blood of Vol and restores the Sovereign Host as the state religion of Karrnath. Seeker orders are disbanded, but the Order of the Emerald Claw refuses to disarm, its members going into hiding.

  • Queen Aurala’s reign over Aundair begins.

  • Daughters of Sora Kell conquer Droaam 986 YK

    A trio of hags known as the Daughters of Sora Kell arrive at the Great Crag with an army of trolls, ogres, and gnolls.

  • Droaamish Influence Spreads 988 YK

    House Tharashk begins brokering the services of monstrous mercenaries from Droaam. The criminal organization Daask establishes a presence in Sharn.

  • New Royals in Karrnath 991 YK

    Kaius III's rule of Karrnath begins.

  • Formation of House Tarkanan 992 YK

    A group of disavowed Brelish commandos establishes the criminal organization known as House Tarkanan in Sharn.

  • New Keeper of the Flame 993 YK

    Jaela Daran, then six years old, assumes the power of the Keeper of the Silver Flame.

  • The Day of Mourning 22 Olarune, 994

    Cyre is destroyed; the Mournland is created

  • The Treaty of Thronehold officially ends the Last War. The treaty officially recognizes the nations of Aundair, Breland, Thrane, Karrnath, the Talenta Plains, Zilargo, Q’barra, the Lhazaar Principalities, the Mror Holds, the Eldeen Reaches, Darguun, and Valenar. House Cannith is ordered to destroy all creation forges; the remaining warforged are granted the rights of sentient beings.

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