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Sharn, the largest city on the continent of Khorvaire and one of the defining locations of the nation of Breland, looms atop an inhospitable outcropping of rock near the mouth of the Dagger River. The City of Towers rises high into the cloud-filled sky, growing upward within the limited space available on a plateau bounded on the west and south by the Dagger River and its eastern tributary, the Hilt. To the north and east, steep cliffs define the city’s boundaries, while deep chasms formed by volcanic action cut the plateau into five distinct regions: Dura on the west, Tavick’s Landing on the east, Northedge to the north, and the Central Plateau and Menthis Plateau in the center. Along the Dagger River at the western edge of the city, the neighborhood of Cliffside is built upon and into the steep riverside cliffs. Above the highest towers, the neighborhood of Skyway floats over the city. The city also extends underground, into sewers and long-forgotten ruins, and deeper to the furnaces and foundries of the Cogs.

Sharn sits within a manifest zone linked to Syrania: The Azure Sky. This manifest zone enhances magic related to flying and levitation, which makes many of Sharn’s magical wonders possible. The vast majority of the magic items used within the city to facilitate flight only function because of the manifest zone, and work less well or not at all beyond its boundaries. 

Most of Sharn’s neighborhoods are vertically stratified. For example, while Menthis Plateau is known as a center of entertainment, the type and quality of entertainment available varies among the different levels of the towers. The upper levels (usually referred to as “Upper Menthis”) offer high art in the forms of opera, theater, and symphony, as well as housing Morgrave University and a thriving community of writers and other artists. The middle levels (“Middle Menthis”) house a thriving theater district with more affordable shows, a large number of professional minstrels, acrobats, and similar entertainers, and a year-round circus complete with animals. The lower levels (“Lower Menthis”) contain a very different sort of theater district marked by burlesque shows, a red light district, and a great number of taverns for cheap and bawdy entertainment.

A long wall rings the Central Plateau at its lowest level, interrupted by towers along its entire length. Inside the wall, structures rise higher and higher toward the tallest towers near the middle, creating a great artificial mountain at the heart of the city. Mostly populated by the upper and middle classes, the Central Plateau houses the seat of the city’s government, its wealthiest citizens, and its finest businesses. Embassies from other nations, important representatives of the dragonmarked houses, and banks are found here as well.

Menthis Plateau serves as the entertainment hub of the city, and is home to Morgrave University and a variegated quilt of different races. Certainly the most trendy of Sharn’s quarters, Menthis is a popular tourist destination. No walls surround Menthis, though its tallest towers are spread along its outer rim. The enormous dome of Morgrave University, ringed by five tall, slender towers, stands near the center of the plateau.

Northedge, the most residential of Sharn’s quarters, contains everything from towertop penthouses in the heights to tightly packed apartments on the lower levels. Aside from a marketplace district near the bottom of the towers, Northedge is a quiet neighborhood with little commerce and little crime.

Dura, the largest quarter in Sharn, covers the great expanse of the western plateau from the cliffs overlooking the Dagger River to the crevasse of the Western Cog. It is also the poorest, excepting the Cogs, with even its topmost levels solidly middle class. Dura mixes various businesses and housing, never approaching a true residential district but holding a number of apartments, tenements, and (near the bottom) slums. The lower levels of Dura include a large population of immigrants from Darguun and Droaam, forming a neighborhood of goblinoids and other monstrous residents.

Cliffside is a neighborhood perched precariously on the side of the cliffs above the Dagger River and Sharn’s waterfront. It includes the waterfront businesses far below Dura, as well as towers built up from the cliff face and a shantytown of caves dug into the sides of the southern cliffs overlooking the Hilt. The businesses of Cliffside are either directly related to shipping or cater to boat crews, adventurers, and other transients.

Tavick’s Landing, at the eastern edge of the city, is in some ways defined by being the terminus of the Orien lightning rail line and trade road. The lower levels cater to travelers and traders entering Sharn by rail, and include an entire city district that has been converted to provide housing for refugees from the Last War. The middle and upper levels are broader in their purposes, including a variety of trades, services, and residential districts.

Skyway is magically suspended above the city on gigantic disks of force, like Tenser’s floating disks taken to a fantastic extreme. These disks are among the many magic items and effects in the city that work only because of the presence of the manifest zone linked to Syrania. Not a cloud palace but an actual extension of the city, Skyway includes some of Sharn’s finest inns and restaurants, exotic and upscale trades, and a number of mansions belonging to the very richest citizens.

The Depths is the generic name for every thing that lies beneath the city’s main plateau, excepting Cliffside and the Cogs far below. The upper levels give way to active and inactive sewers, some of which have their own inhabitants, as well as the mostly forgotten ruins of earlier settlements built long before the towers started to rise. Far below and accessed by well-maintained tunnels and shafts, the Cogs sit at the very base of Sharn and serve as an actively populated center of industry. In fact, the roots of modern Sharn’s towers lie underground in some places, buried by the passing of centuries.

The Cogs are the churning heart of the city, full of forges and foundries powered by steaming geysers, molten lava, and bound fire elementals. Extending far below the foundations of Sharn’s towers and built along the banks of the great chasms that divide the city, the Cogs incorporate elements of ancient ruins and natural caverns.

The Shape of Sharn

Sharn is the largest city in Khorvaire, with a population of half a million people. Humans make up about a third of that number, and dwarves are a sixth of it; the rest is a blend of every race found across Khorvaire. Halflings, elves, and gnomes all have a significant presence in the city, but even kalashtar and changelings have communities in Sharn. Beyond the permanent population, tens of thousands of people pass through Sharn every day. Refugees from the war still find their way to the city, along with tourists, spies, merchants, and folk hoping to find their fortune in the grandest city in Eberron.

Sharn stands above the Dagger River and its eastern tributary, the Hilt. It’s an important port for anyone dealing with Aerenal, Xen’drik, or Sarlona. Mountains line the shores of the Dagger, and Sharn can’t spread out. So instead it has grown ever upward.

The city is primarily made up of these quarters:

  • Central Plateau
  • Dura
  • Menthis Plateau
  • Northedge
  • Tavick’s Landing

At the hub of each of these quarters is a cluster of enormous core towers. A web of bridges and platforms connects many of these vast spires, and smaller turrets sprout from the edges of the core towers. The district of Skyway floats above the highest towers, while the tunnels of the Cogs stretch out below the lower city.

In between those extremes, each of the quarters is divided into an upper ward, a middle ward, and a lower ward. Each ward is made up of a number of districts, so that the location of a place in Sharn can be expressed with a combination of a ward name and a district name. More information about each of the wards and the districts in them appears later in this chapter.

Aftermath of the Last War

Far from the front lines, Sharn never fell under siege during the Last War. Regardless, the war’s impacts affected the city’s citizens and continue to even today.

Physical Damage

Although Sharn was never subjected to a sustained assault, it didn’t avoid damage. On many occasions, commandos and saboteurs launched significant attacks inside Sharn. The most infamous of these was the Aundairian attack that brought down the floating Glass Tower, devastating the district now known as Fallen. In any of the lower or middle wards, you might encounter evidence of the conflict in the form of a shattered bridge, a building collapsed by an arcane explosion, or an area some say is haunted because of the large number of people killed there during the war.

Psychological Scars

There are places in the city that house people who suffered because of the actions of other nations. For example, many of the residents of Dura hold all Aundairians responsible for the destruction of Fallen. In another district, folk could hate the Karrns for an undead attack that occurred during the war, and a different group could blame Thrane for the siege of Vathirond. These kinds of sentiments can shape the feelings of an entire district, but in the city as a whole there are far more people who have personal burdens to carry than those who feel resentment toward particular nations. For instance, on an individual level, most members of the Sharn Watch might not care about a gnoll being seen in a neighborhood, but a guard who fought on the Droaam front during the war might be out for revenge. Warforged are sometimes also the targets of this sort of prejudice; a person whose friends were killed by warforged soldiers might resent all such creatures.


Because the ink is barely dry on the Treaty of Thronehold and relationships between the signatories are still being normalized, Sharn doesn’t currently benefit from a lot of commerce with other nations. Problems could arise from a short supply of any imported goods, whether this manifests as inflated prices, the need for rationing, or certain items being simply unavailable. The factors of supply and demand also play into smuggling and the black market; some desirable goods might be available only through the Boromar Clan.

Refugees and Victims

Cyran refugees have filled the district of High Walls in Lower Tavick’s Landing beyond capacity, and Sharn is also home to a significant number of refugees from elsewhere in Breland—people whose homes and villages were destroyed during the war, and who have come to Sharn in search of new lives. The city also has its share of other people harmed during the war, soldiers and civilians with severe physical or psychological injuries. All these folk are most likely to be found in the lower wards. They aren’t just poor; they’re suffering—and they might seek vengeance against those they blame for their pain.

A street urchin describing Sharn

When you live on the inside low, you never see the sun. People hear “towers,” they think of graceful little spires, the sort of thing you see poking up in the corner of your lord’s keep. We’ve got those, and lots of ’em. But the foundation of the city is the core towers. The walls of these towers are so thick you could fit your lord’s castle in one.

You’ve got your outside districts where you get the open air, built on the bridges and platforms that connect the core towers together. You’ve got the little turrets, built on the core tower walls and the bridges between. You’ve got the folk in the middle, who live and work in the walls themselves. And then you’ve got those of us on the inside, our districts entirely contained in the hollow well of a great tower. When you look up in Callestan, you see twinkling lights, to be sure. But those aren’t stars, and that isn’t the sky. You’re looking up through a mile of bridges and platforms crossing the well, looking up at the districts above you.

You live up high, you can touch the sky. In the middle you can still see the sun. Down on the inside low, all we have is gloom and the constant drip, water and worse descending from the city above us.

Watch Your Step

As befits the City of Towers, Sharn is also a city of bridges and balconies. These thoroughfares and outcroppings can be extremely narrow or comfortably wide. Although most of them are bounded by walls or railings, there’s always a chance that during your time in Sharn, you or someone you know will go over the edge. So, how do residents cope with this risk?

Those who can afford it usually carry a Inconnu as insurance. No token? Don’t panic! Because of the maze of bridges and spans connecting the towers, there’s an excellent chance that you won’t fall more than a hundred feet before impacting on a lower bridge. Though this alone might seem like small comfort, it’s also true that the major bridges in the upper and middle wards are enchanted with feather fall effects that trigger automatically, keeping you from crushing an innocent passerby in your descent.

Many different outcomes could follow a lengthy fall. The Falling in Sharn table presents a few possibilities.

d8 Result
1 You fall hundreds of feet before striking the ground at the base of the towers.
2 You fall 3d6 × 10 feet before striking a bridge. A major bridge in an upper or a middle ward will have a feather fall enchantment; otherwise, it’s going to be a hard landing.
3 You fall 2d4 × 10 feet and land in a passing skycoach, possibly injuring a passenger.
4 You fall 4d4 × 5 feet and strike an outcropping, flagpole, or projecting statue. If you survive, you’re still precariously perched on the edge of a tower or bridge.
5 You fall past a hippogriff—make a successful DC 15 Dexterity (Acrobatics) check to catch its leg!
6 gargoyle or giant owl catches you—then threatens to drop you if it doesn’t get a reward.
7 You can fly! Actually, a nearby wizard or artificer casts feather fall to save you, but for a moment it felt like you can fly. And now the spellcaster wants payment.
8 You strike a small air elemental that was drawn to the city. Doing this cushions your fall, but now you’re on top of an air elemental.


Need to get a message to someone? If you’re not in a hurry, the Orien post has boxes throughout the city; you can mail a letter for 1 cp. Hiring a courier generally costs between 5 cp and 5 gp, depending on the size of the package and where you need it delivered. You can find Sivis message stations in almost every upper and middle ward, and if you absolutely have to contact someone instantly, the Sivis enclave in the Dragon Towers district (Middle Central) can perform a sending spell for 200 gp.

House Tharashk has brought an innovation to message delivery in Sharn: the use of gargoyles. Tharashk has several of these creatures in its employ, and these flying couriers are a quick way to get a message across the city. If you spot a gargoyle without a burden, you can flag it down, and it costs 5 gp to deliver a letter or a small package.


Sharn contains a number of major shopping districts. The Tradefair district in Middle Central focuses on top-quality goods—everything you’ll need to maintain a wealthy or aristocratic lifestyle. North Market in Lower Northedge has a fine selection of common goods. Almost anything can be found in the Bazaar of Middle Dura, as long as you’re not concerned about the origin of secondhand goods. Tavick’s Market in Middle Tavick’s Landing is a center for produce and other goods brought in from the farms and artisan workshops outside Sharn.

Adventurer's Guild

Sharn is a magnet for those who seek adventure and opportunity. Forgotten treasures are hidden in the ruins below the towers, and expeditions leave for Xen’drik every day. At any moment, dozens of sages, spies, and nobles around the city are searching for capable agents to help with their schemes and investigations. If you and your friends are searching for adventure, you’ve come to the right place, and you don’t have to do it alone. Sharn is home to two organizations that provide adventurers with opportunities for work and camaraderie: the Clifftop Adventuring Guild and the Deathsgate Explorer's Club.

Membership Benefits. Those who are accepted into either adventurer’s guild must pay dues of 12 gp each year. The primary benefit of belonging to a guild is access to work, since the guildmaster can connect parties of adventurers with patrons and jobs suited to their talents. Beyond that, there are a few additional benefits:

  • You can store items at the guildhall free of charge.
  • You can book lodging at the guildhall for 5 sp per night. The accommodations are modest, but the guild provides stronger security for lodgers and their possessions than you’d find at an inn.
  • An adventurer’s guild is an excellent source of information. By studying records and working with other guild members, you can gain advantage on any skill check to research a subject in which the guild has expertise or experience.

A strong rivalry exists between the Deathsgate Guild and the Clifftop Adventurer’s Guild. You might have trouble with members of the opposing guild, whether in the form of drunken boasting in a tavern or a rival stirring up trouble in the midst of a mission.

Arcane Orders

Its mighty towers and floating spires mark Sharn as a symbol of mystic power and achievement. Soon after the founding of the city, the greatest wizards of Breland chose it to be the seat of their arcane order. Its goal was to celebrate excellence in the mystic arts, bringing together the greatest practitioners of magic in a society that rivals Arcanix and the institutions of Aundair.

A schism split the original society, but today both of the branches of the original organization, the Esoteric Order of Aureon and the Guild of Starlight and Shadow, are recognized and respected throughout Breland. Each one has lesser halls in every major city in the nation.

Membership Benefits. Someone accepted into an arcane order must pay 1,000 gp to join, with ongoing dues of 250 gp each year thereafter. With this payment comes many benefits, including the following:

  • You can stay at the order’s hall in any major city and enjoy the amenities of a wealthy lifestyle free of charge.
  • For as long as you have access to the order’s hall, the cost of crafting a magic item at the site is reduced by 10 percent.
  • While in the hall, you have advantage on Intelligence (Arcana) checks, as well as any ability checks involving arcane research.
  • Membership in an arcane order grants prestige within Breland. Though this status provides no tangible benefit, it proves that you are a gifted mage and stand above any mere magewright or dabbler.

Wards of Sharn

Sharn is a vertical city, and elevation is an indicator of status and wealth. Each quarter is roughly divided into three levels, and the combination of quarter and level defines a ward. Thus, wards have names such as Lower Dura, Upper Central, and Middle Menthis.

Upper wards are the domain of the rich and powerful. Here you’ll find the finest goods and the most expensive services. Only those who maintain a wealthy or aristocratic lifestyle can easily afford the prices for meals and lodging, and adventurers who maintain a squalid or wretched lifestyle might be treated with disdain (suffering disadvantage on Charisma checks).

Violence is rare in any of the upper wards, and the Sharn Watch actively patrols these areas. Although the guards here might be corrupt just as in a middle or lower ward, they’re already being well paid by powerful nobles and criminal organizations, and they work efficiently in the service of these forces.

Middle wards are home to the middle classes. Here you’ll find bustling markets and taverns, along with a wide range of entertainment and housing. Most goods and services are affordable by those of a modest or comfortable lifestyle, with a few higher-priced options tucked away. The Sharn Watch has a presence, but not as strong as in the upper wards.

Lower wards house the hard-working laborers, along with the destitute and the desperate, including refugees who lost everything in the war and orphans who never had anything to begin with. Services priced for a modest lifestyle can be found, but overall the lower wards are home to those who have no better than a poor lifestyle; a visitor who displays signs of a wealthy or aristocratic lifestyle might attract unwanted attention. The watch pays little attention to the lower districts, making them a haven for criminals and gangs.

These are stereotypes that don’t apply to all wards. Dura is a particularly poor quarter, meaning that Upper Dura is effectively a middle ward in economic terms; similarly, because Central Plateau is a hub of wealth and power, Lower Central is effectively a middle ward.

Each ward is further subdivided into districts, which are neighborhoods defined by an economic role, a separate culture, or both. For example, Lower Northedge includes the districts of Stoneyard, Longstairs, and North Market. It’s generally true that the combination of a district’s ward and quarter will give you a broad idea of what to expect there. A district in Upper Central will typically be well kept and swarming with guards, while a district in Lower Dura will be squalid and dangerous.

District Highlights

Central Plateau: Important Districts

District Description Location
Highest Towers The seat of city government, this district is also where airships arrive and depart. Upper Central
Korranath Named for the great temple of Kol Korran that lies at its center, this district is dedicated to wealth and finance. Moneychangers, banks, and grand vaults are found here, in addition to the estates of powerful merchants. Upper Central
Platinum Heights Catering to Sharn’s elite, this district provides a wide range of shops and services of wealthy to aristocratic quality. Upper Central
Skysedge Park Home to three sprawling rooftop parks, this district provides a touch of wilderness in the heart of the city. A small community of immigrants from the Eldeen Reaches maintains these groves and gardens. Upper Central
Ambassador Towers This district contains the embassies to the Thronehold nations, along with Aerenal and Riedra. It’s also the seat of the Citadel and home to the Brelish Museum of Fine Art. Middle Central
Dragon Towers This is the primary place to do business with representatives of the dragonmarked houses. All the houses have outposts here, and Sivis, Tharashk, Jorasco, and Cannith have their primary enclaves in Dragon Towers. Middle Central
Sovereign Towers A district filled with a vast assortment of temples and shrines. It is home to the two most important temples in Sharn: the Pavilion of the Host and the Cathedral of the Cleansing Flame. Middle Central
Sword Point This garrison district houses the forces that police and defend Central Plateau, including the Sharn Watch and a detachment of the royal army. Middle Central
Tradefair A merchant district offering legal goods and services of modest to comfortable quality. Middle Central
Boldrei’s Hearth A haven for travelers, this district contains reliable inns ranging from modest to comfortable quality. Lower Central
Olladra’s Kitchen Neither the best nor worst Sharn has to offer, Olladra’s Kitchen is home to a wide number of taverns and restaurants of modest to comfortable quality. Lower Central

Dura Quarter: Important Districts

District Description Location
Clifftop This district caters to adventurers, with a wide array of businesses aimed at explorers and fortune hunters. It is the home base of the Clifftop Adventurer’s Guild. Upper Dura
Daggerwatch Daggerwatch holds garrisons for both the Sharn Watch and the Brelish army, along with business and residences for those who support the garrisons. Upper Dura
Highhold A district built by dwarves for dwarves, Highhold has strong Mror influences in its architecture. It’s a good place to find Mror goods and is home to talented smiths and brewers. Upper Dura
Highwater The finest residential district in Dura and the seat of House Vadalis, Highwater is largely comfortable in quality with a few wealthy estates. Upper Dura
Hope’s Peak A relatively new temple district, with shrines and churches that have relocated from Fallen in Lower Dura. Hope’s Peak includes several monasteries and a sacred grove. Upper Dura
Overlook Overlook is noteworthy for its kalashtar community, which maintains a community center, a shrine devoted to the Path of Light, and a few restaurants serving Sarlonan cuisine. Upper Dura
The Bazaar The largest commercial district in Sharn, an excellent place to buy or sell used—and possibly stolen—goods. Middle Dura
Broken Arch Once a proud residential district, Broken Arch has fallen into disrepair. Its housing is poor to modest in quality, though the shells of wealthy manors can still be seen. Middle Dura
Hareth’s Folly A jumble of architectural styles, Hareth’s Folly is a place to gamble and enjoy modest food and drink. The Hollow Tower is a center for aerial sports, and Hareth’s Folly is where the Race of Eight Winds begins and ends. Middle Dura
Rattlestone Rattlestone is a tenement district. Its people have little but their pride, but there’s a strong camaraderie between them. Middle Dura
Stormhold A comfortable residential district, Stormhold is home to the few powerful families that have remained in Dura. It’s in better condition than most of Middle Dura, and Deneith mercenaries protect the streets. Middle Dura
Tumbledown A poor residential district, Tumbledown has experienced recent incursions from Daask. Middle Dura
Underlook The center of Sharn’s nightlife before Menthis Plateau was built, Underlook is a collection of poor taverns and inns. Middle Dura
Callestan Home to an assortment of squalid and poor businesses, Callestan is a nexus for criminal activity and known as a stronghold of the Boromar Clan. Lower Dura
Fallen Sharn’s oldest temple district, Fallen was abandoned after a floating tower crashed into the district during the Last War. Now it’s a collection of wretched ruins. Lower Dura
Gate of Gold A squalid slum, providing miserable housing for desperate people. Lower Dura
Malleon’s Gate A poor district originally inhabited by goblins, Malleon’s Gate has become a haven for monstrous immigrants from Droaam and Darguun, along with members of Daask. Lower Dura
Oldkeep Another poor slum, largely home to dockworkers from Precarious. Lower Dura
Precarious The skydocks of Precarious pass goods between the towers and the port on the Dagger River below. The district is filled with warehouses, along with a handful of poor taverns. A small community of Sarlonans lives here. Lower Dura
The Stores A warehouse district with a large halfling population, with ties to the Boromar Clan. Lower Dura

Menthis Plateau: Important Districts

District Description Location
Den’iyas Founded by gnome immigrants from Zilargo, Den’iyas is a haven for those interested in Zil culture. It’s home to many sages and artisans, and a hotbed of schemes and intrigue. Upper Menthis
Ivy Towers This residential district includes comfortable homes and modest apartments. Many of the students and faculty of Morgrave University live in Ivy Towers. Upper Menthis
Seventh Tower A shopping district, with restaurants and goods of comfortable to wealthy quality. Seventh Tower is especially noteworthy for Little Xen’drik, a collection of galleries whose owners buy and sell goods from Xen’drik. Upper Menthis
University This district is dominated by Morgrave University. It’s also a nexus for sophisticated entertainment, including the Art Temple, the Grand Stage, and the Great Hall of Aureon. Upper Menthis
Cassan Bridge A mercantile district with goods of modest to comfortable quality. Home to a significant number of immigrants from the Shadow Marches, Cassan Bridge is the place to visit for exotic Marcher herbs and cuisine. Middle Menthis
Everbright This district is a source of magical goods and services. Exotic components, magewrights for hire, common or uncommon magic items—all of these and more can be found here. Middle Menthis
Little Plains Founded by Talenta halflings, this district includes a central campground for visiting halfling nomads. The permanent residents are mostly halflings as well. Talentan foods and crafts can be found here, along with displays of traditional skills and pastimes. Middle Menthis
Smoky Towers Safer than the lower wards and less expensive than Upper Menthis, Smoky Towers has plenty of entertainment options. The Classic Theater is its most popular venue, but Smoky Towers offers a wide variety of more exotic fare. Dinner theater, changeling burlesque, and other diversions can be found in Smoky Towers. Thovanic Hall has begun performing works from Darguun and Droaam featuring monstrous performers. Smoky Towers has also become a haven for Cyran refugees wealthy enough to avoid High Walls. Middle Menthis
Warden Towers This district is the primary garrison of the Sharn Watch in Menthis. It’s home to a community of Lhazaar immigrants, and the Broken Anchor is a tavern catering to Lhazaar travelers. Middle Menthis
Downstairs The Downstairs district is primarily known for food and drink. Though most of its taverns and inns are only modest in quality, the Four Sails serves some of the finest seafood in Sharn. The recent success of the Diamond Theater has also drawn travelers to the district. Lower Menthis
Firelight This district is a destination for those who seek illicit forms of entertainment. Many forms of illegal gambling and paid companionship can be found in Firelight. It’s also the most common location of the Burning Ring. Lower Menthis
Torchfire A district with a notorious reputation, celebrated for cheap entertainment and infamous for its dangerous alleys. Its theaters specialize in musical comedy and lowbrow entertainment, and there are lots of opportunities for hopeful amateurs to get on a stage in Torchfire. Lower Menthis

Northedge Quarter: Important Districts

District Description Location
Crystal Bridge A peaceful residential district with many wealthy and aristocratic estates. Upper Northedge
Oak Towers A residential district where housing ranges from comfortable to aristocratic. Construction in Oak Towers uses materials and styles drawn from Aerenal, and the district is home to many of Sharn’s established elf and half-elf families. Upper Northedge
Shae Lias This district is a bastion for the culture and traditions of the elves of Aerenal. It includes a variety of businesses specializing in Aereni goods, as well as a temple of the Undying Court. Upper Northedge
High Hope A center for worship for the people of Northedge, High Hope includes temples of the Silver Flame and the Sovereign Host, along with many smaller shrines. It lacks the grandeur of Sovereign Towers in Central Plateau, but has an atmosphere of solemn devotion. Middle Northedge
Holdfast Holdfast is the heart of Sharn’s native dwarf population. The ancestors of the Holdfast dwarves helped build Sharn, and many of its people are stonemasons, architects, and smiths. Holdfast dwarves are proud of their Sharn roots and have little interest in Mror customs or traditions. Middle Northedge
Longstairs The population of this peaceful residential district is mostly made up of dwarves, humans, and half-elves. Neighbors here generally stand together to deal with any trouble. Lower Northedge
North Market The open market in this region largely deals in simple, locally produced goods. Due to the significant shifter population in Lower Northedge, North Market offers goods and services aimed at shifters (grooming services, claw care, and so forth) as well as those reflecting an Eldeen influence. Lower Northedge
Stoneyard This residential district is home to the majority of Sharn’s shifters, including both recent immigrants from the Eldeen Reaches and long-established local families. The district includes a makeshift hrazhak court and a shrine devoted to the Wardens of the Wood. Conditions are poor to modest. Lower Northedge

Tavick’s Landing: Important Districts

District Description Location
Copper Arch This district is built around the Deneith garrison that polices the upper ward. It contains shops and services catering to the wealthy elite. Upper Tavick’s Landing
Ocean View This residential district is home to some of the most influential citizens of Sharn. It has a mix of wealthy mansions and aristocratic estates. Upper Tavick’s Landing
Silvergate This shopping district is patronized by those with gold to spare. All manner of fine jewelry and expensive clothing can be found here, along with aristocratic food and lodging. Upper Tavick’s Landing
Sunrise This district provides housing for the shopkeepers and servants who keep Upper Tavick’s Landing running. Housing is largely modest in quality, with a few comfortable towers. Upper Tavick’s Landing
Twelve Pillars This is the civic heart of Upper Tavick’s Landing. The twelve pillars it’s named for surround a courthouse, the Tower of Law, where visitors can get licenses to carry weapons in the ward. Upper Tavick’s Landing
Cornerstone A haven for travelers, Cornerstone has a range of comfortable inns and taverns. It’s built around the vast Cornerstone arena and is a center of activity for many major sporting events. Middle Tavick’s Landing
Deathsgate Named for the nearby City of the Dead, this district houses the Deathsgate Guild and businesses that cater to adventurers. House Deneith recruits mercenaries at its outpost here. Middle Tavick’s Landing
Graywall This district was founded long ago by Karrnathi immigrants, and its people are proud of their heritage. It is a haven for any Karrnathi travelers passing through Sharn. Rumors say there’s a temple devoted to the Blood of Vol in Graywall, but if that’s the case, it’s kept hidden. Middle Tavick’s Landing
Tavick’s Market This district specializes in produce and other goods brought in by the farmers from the surrounding countryside. Middle Tavick’s Landing
Black Arch This district is filled with checkpoints and enchanted gates. These portals are generally open, but in times of trouble, Black Arch can become an impassable fortress. The Sharn Watch maintains the local garrison. House Orien and House Sivis both maintain outposts here, ensuring that messages can be swiftly delivered through the city and beyond. Lower Tavick’s Landing
Cogsgate This warehouse district is the gateway to the Cogs, and shipments of ore and other goods regularly pass through here. House Kundarak has high-security storage facilities for rent, and a House Deneith outpost hires out Blademark mercenaries for venturing below. Lower Tavick’s Landing
Dragoneyes Dragoneyes tends to the needs of weary travelers, providing a wide range of lodging, food, and entertainment for tourists. It’s also the home of most of Sharn’s changeling population, and many changelings use their gifts to entertain and amuse travelers. Some say that it’s the home of the Tyrants criminal guild, but if so, that place is well hidden. Lower Tavick’s Landing
High Walls This district was converted into an internment center during the Last War. Since the end of the war, it has been transformed into a refugee camp. Most of the residents are Cyrans who fled the Mourning, but High Walls also includes Brelish citizens who lost their homes in the war. It’s a crowded and dangerous place, but it allows residents to maintain a squalid lifestyle at no cost. Currently the gates are open, but the Sharn Watch could seal them at any time. Lower Tavick’s Landing
Terminus This district is based around Terminus Station, where the lightning rail enters and leaves Sharn. Most local businesses serve the station or travelers. Lower Tavick’s Landing
Wroann’s Gate Travelers who arrive on the main road enter Sharn through Wroann’s Gate, passing below a huge statue of the legendary Queen Wroaan. Many of the dragonmarked houses maintain shops here so travelers can send messages, hire bodyguards, or make use of other services. Lower Tavick’s Landing

Above and Below Sharn: Important Districts

District Description Location
Skyway Skyway is a district that floats above Central Plateau and Menthis, built atop an island of solidified clouds. The richest people in Sharn live here. Above the city
Cliffside Boats bring cargo and passengers to the dock at Cliffside, on the edge of the Dagger River. From there, enormous lifts carry people up to Precarious. This dangerous district contains an assortment of taverns, shabby inns, and warehouses. On the banks of the Dagger River
Ashblack The first foundries of Sharn were built here. The district is devoted to industry, and the environment here is sweltering and claustrophobic. The Cogs
Blackbones Blackbones is newer than Ashblack, and it shows. The district’s corridors are wider and better lit. The foundries are well maintained, and the district has a few thriving businesses. Most of the warforged that reside in Sharn work in Blackbones. The Cogs

Central Plateau


  • Sun Tower
  • Cannith Tower
  • Sivis Tower
  • Vasha Tower
  • Lyrandar Tower
  • Andith Tower
  • Kundarak Tower
  • Mithral Tower (also a district)

The power and wealth of Sharn are concentrated in Central Plateau. Whether you’re looking to deal with powerful merchants, city councilors, dragonmarked barons, or the ambassadors of other nations, Central Plateau is the place where big deals are made.

Central Plateau: Noteworthy Locations

Location Description District
Aurora Gallery The most prestigious auction house in Sharn, Aurora deals in magic items, exotic finds from Xen’drik, and other wonders. Platinum Heights, Upper Central
City Archive This enormous edifice holds the historical and legal records of Sharn and the surrounding regions. Highest Towers,
Upper Central
Council Hall The seat of city government and the site of City Council meetings. The council meets weekly, and visitors can watch from the gallery. Highest Towers,
Upper Central
Gray Dragon Inn This inn provides aristocratic and wealthy lodging for those who can afford it. Platinum Towers, Upper Central
The Korranath The temple of Kol Korran is an ostentatious display of wealth and a popular tourist attraction, since many believe praying at the Korranath ensures success in business. Korranath, Upper Central
Kundarak Bank of Sharn This is the largest bank in Sharn and the center of House Kundarak urban operations in the city. Korranath, Upper Central
Lyrandar Tower All airship travel to and from Sharn passes through the docking spires of Lyrandar Tower, the house’s primary enclave in Sharn. Highest Towers,
Upper Central
Sannid's Restaurant One of Sharn’s most celebrated restaurants, Sannid’s serves Brelish cuisine of wealthy quality and has a legendary wine cellar. Platinum Towers, Upper Central
The Vaults Located below the Kundarak Bank, the Vaults are Kundarak’s heavily guarded storage facility. Korranath, Upper Central
The Wayfinder Foundation The guildhall for this legendary association of explorers. Korranath Upper Central
The Brelish Museum of Fine Art The museum displays work produced by Brelish artists and relics recovered from Xen’drik. Ambassador Towers, Middle Central
Cathedral of the Cleansing Flame The central temple of the Church of the Silver Flame serves both as a templar garrison and the site of grand rituals and celebrations. Sovereign Towers, Middle Central
The Citadel The headquarters of the King’s Citadel, Breland’s elite military and intelligence service. The Citadel is also a high-security prison holding Sharn’s most dangerous criminals. Ambassador Towers, Middle Central
The Panaceum The largest House Jorasco enclave in Sharn provides high-priced healing services to all who can pay for them. Dragon Towers, Middle Central
Pavilion of the Host The center for worship of the Sovereign Host is a grand open tower surrounded by nine temples, each dedicated to one of the Sovereigns. Sovereign Towers, Middle Central

Things to Do in Central Plateau

Looking for work or amusement in this quarter? Some of the things you can do here include:

Attend an auction. The Aurora Gallery in Platinum Heights is the finest auction house in Sharn and specializes in auctions of exotic magic items and relics from Xen’drik. You never know what’s going to be available—or who will be bidding against you.

Plan a heist. Perhaps your goals depend on recovering an item a villain has hidden in the vaults of Korranath. Can you penetrate the most secure facility in Sharn?

Go to jail. The King’s Citadel in Ambassador Towers is also Sharn’s high-security prison.

Worship. The primary temples of the Sovereign Host and the Silver Flame are located in Middle Central, along with a host of shrines to specific sovereigns and lesser faiths. Take part in a festival or drop in for some spiritual guidance!

Engage in espionage. Whether you work for your nation or get entangled in the schemes of the dragonmarked houses, Middle Central is home to a lot of powerful people who have a use for capable agents.


Sharn began where Dura stands, but the city has left it behind in many ways. Many nowadays consider the oldest quarter of Sharn to be a blight on the City of Towers. The place is full of cracked and crumbling stonework, abandoned lift shafts, and everbright lanterns that have burned out and never been restored. Dura is riddled with poverty and crime; it’s easily the most dangerous section of the city. But it also holds opportunities you can’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking for smuggled goods or a place to lie low, head to Dura.

Dura Quarter: Noteworthy Locations

Location Description District
The Citadel of the Sun A temple devoted to Dol Arrah, noteworthy for the three blessed griffons that reside there. Hope’s Peak, Upper Dura
Clifftop Adventurer's Guild An institution that provides adventurers with camaraderie and profitable work. Clifftop, Upper Dura
The Drunken Dragon A tavern frequented by members of the Clifftop Adventurer’s Guild. The food is modest, but it has the widest selection of exotic alcohol in Sharn. Clifftop, Upper Dura
The Esoteric Order of Aureon The guildhall of one of Sharn’s most prestigious arcane orders. A reliable source for arcane spellcasting services. Clifftop, Upper Dura
The Gold & White This tavern offers fare of comfortable quality at modest prices. It caters to members of the Sharn Watch and Brelish veterans, but others will receive a cold welcome. Daggerwatch, Upper Dura
Moraggan's A posh tavern specializing in strong Mror spirits. Food and drink are wealthy in quality and cost. Highhold, Upper Dura
The Mystic Market A collection of shops specializing in different categories of magic items. Most merchandise is common or uncommon, but rare items are occasionally available. Clifftop, Upper Dura
Pegasus Spire The seat of House Vadalis in Sharn is one of the few enclaves where pegasi are raised and trained. Native to Syrania, these celestial beasts can become stranded in Sharn; Vadalis heirs care for them and match them with virtuous companions. Highwater,
Upper Dura
Ghallanda Hall This proud Ghallanda enclave continues to operate amid the fading squalor of Middle Dura, and has become a tourist attraction. It offers a range of services, with food and lodging of poor to comfortable quality. Underlook,
Middle Dura
The Hollow Tower A vertically oriented arena used for aerial jousting and other unusual sporting events. Hareth’s Folly, Middle Dura
The King of Fire A comfortable tavern and gambling hall, known as one of the safest places to bet on the Race of Eight Winds and the events at the Hollow Tower. Hareth’s Folly, Middle Dura
The Broken Anvil Inn This fading Ghallanda inn struggles to maintain its poor to modest quality. It’s known to be under the protection of the Boromar Clan, which makes it one of the safest establishments in Lower Dura. Callestan, Lower Dura
The Cracked Mirror A curious tavern owned by a family of changelings, the Broken Mirror changes its appearance and theme every week. It’s rumored to be connected to the Tyrants. Callestan, Lower Dura
Silvermist Theater A remnant of Callestan’s glory days, this place is a shadow of the grand establishment it once was. The current owners are known for staging bizarre events at the Silvermist. Since the Sharn Watch stays out of Callestan, anything can happen here. Callestan, Lower Dura

Things to Do in Dura

Dura is a quarter of extremes, from the nearly idyllic atmosphere of Upper Dura, down to the danger of Lower Dura. Among its attractions and diversions are these:

Gamble. Legal gambling is heavily taxed in the city and limited in its scope. Dura is the place to find a wide range of shadier and more profitable games.

Go shopping. The Bazaar of Middle Dura is an excellent source for exotic goods, legal or otherwise. Clifftop, in Upper Dura, caters to adventurers and has a reasonable selection of magical goods.

Bend the law. Looking for a fence or need to hire an assassin? Lower Dura is the nexus for criminal activities in Sharn.

Talk about the race. The inhabitants of Dura are devoted to the Race of the Eight Winds and are always willing to discuss the latest news.

Suffer a terrible accident. The Sharn Watch ignores much of Lower Dura. Stories circulate continuously about dragonmarked houses and mad wizards conducting dangerous experiments in Lower Dura without interference from the law.

Menthis Plateau


The hub of Sharn’s entertainment industry and home to Breland’s largest university, Menthis Plateau is one of the most diverse quarters in Sharn. Whether you’re looking for classical theater, a fine bookstore, or an illegal fighting ring, Menthis has something to offer.

Menthis Plateau: Noteworthy Locations

District Description Location
Art Temple This theater is renowned for its avant-garde techniques and subjects. University, Upper Menthis
Davandi Fine Tailoring In addition to being the city councilor representing Upper Menthis, the gnome Thurik Davandi is an accomplished tailor and magewright who produces the finest glamerweave clothing available in Sharn. Den’iyas, Upper Menthis
Dezina Museum of Antiquities Attached to Morgrave University, this building displays the relics recovered on the university’s many expeditions. University, Upper Menthis
Golden Horn This wealthy inn includes a library, a few large meeting rooms, and a small concert hall. Performing at the Horn is an excellent opportunity for aspiring bards. University, Upper Menthis
Grand Stage This stage hosts grand performances of the beloved classics of Galifar, along with more modern works that follow classical traditions. University, Upper Menthis
Great Hall of Aureon Sharn’s largest temple to the Sovereign Aureon, the Great Hall celebrates knowledge and learning. The clergy are sages and savants in a wide variety of fields. University, Upper Menthis
Khavish Theater Established by and for gnomes, the Khavish has ample seating for small creatures, and its shows make extensive use of illusions. Den’iyas, Upper Menthis
Little Xen'drik This area of small shops deals in antiquities and relics recovered from Xen’drik and the ruins below Sharn. Cloud Antiquities specializes in giant artifacts, while the Mekdall Gallery deals in ancient elven and drow goods. Windows on Yesterday looks for items with historical significance, and Echoes of the Past deals in magic items with practical uses. Seventh Tower, Upper Menthis
Sharn Opera House Performances at the Sharn Opera are one of the most highbrow forms of entertainment in the city. University, Upper Menthis
Stargazer Theater This open-air theater focuses on popular entertainment with family appeal. University, Upper Menthis
Classic Theater A small and inexpensive theater, the Classic performs only works written before the start of the Last War. Smoky Towers, Middle Menthis
The Burning Ring The Ring offers blood sport and gladiatorial combat. These dangerous matches aren’t sanctioned by law, and the Burning Ring constantly changes locations to avoid the Sharn Watch. It’s always last seen somewhere in Lower Menthis. Lower Menthis
Diamond Theater A cheap theater once known for bawdy humor, the Diamond has gained fame due to its playwright in residence and has produced several plays about the impact of the Last War. Downstairs, Lower Menthis
Ten Torches Theater The cheapest ticket in Sharn’s theater scene, Ten Torches alternates between lowbrow comedy and bizarre shows that no respectable theater would stage. Torchfire, Lower Menthis

What’s on the Bill?

People come from across Breland to experience the Menthis art scene. All manner of entertainment can be found in this quarter, from bawdy Lower Menthis events to the traditional works of the Classic Theater in Middle Menthis. The Shows in Menthis table provides a sampling of the many performances staged in Menthis.

Shows in Menthis

d8 Event
1 Tira’s Tears. A speculative drama about the founder of the Church of the Silver Flame. (Grand Stage, Upper Menthis)
2 Facade. A comedy of errors about a family of changelings, involving a tangled web of mistaken identities. (Art Temple, Upper Menthis)
3 Five Lives. A bitter reflection on the tragedy of the Last War, as seen through the eyes of five soldiers. Written by up-and-coming playwright Luca Syara. (Diamond Theater, Lower Menthis)
4 Galifar Triumphant. A beloved history based on the legendary king and the conflict that established the Kingdom of Galifar. (Classic Theater, Middle Menthis)
5 The Late Count. A comic opera by the bard Kessler, revolving around a Karrnathi count who is resurrected as a zombie. (Sharn Opera House, Upper Menthis)
6 The Carnival of Shadows. House Phiarlan’s traveling circus, a mesmerizing blend of illusions, physical arts, and exotic beasts. The traveling troupe always visits Smoky Towers (Middle Menthis).
7 The Brelish Symphony Orchestra. A performance of some of the finest works of Seventh Century Brelish composers. (Kavarrah Concert Hall, Upper Menthis)
8 Reflection. A one-person show performed by the changeling Adi, exploring the multitudes that exist within us all. (Ten Torches, Lower Menthis)

Things to Do

Any list of attractions that tries to summarize what Menthis Plateau has to offer, even without considering all the performance events, is doomed to be incomplete. Of the countless possibilities, some of the most popular reasons to come here are the following:

Consult a sage. Morgrave University might not be the finest institute of learning in Khorvaire, but it’s the best Sharn has to offer. Whether you want to conduct your own research in the library or find a specialist in goblin history, Morgrave likely has what you need.

Go into show business. Menthis has a wide range of performance venues, from the Grand Stage to the many taverns of Lower Menthis. In addition to enjoying the entertainment, you could try to find work—either showcasing your artistic talents on stage or displaying another sort of prowess in the Burning Ring.

Join an expedition. Scholars at Morgrave often sponsor expeditions to Xen’drik and into the ruins below Sharn. Cyran nobles in Smoky Towers sometimes hire brave souls to venture into the Mournland to reclaim lost treasures.

See other cultures. Den’iyas brings a touch of Zilargo to Sharn. You might find a clawfoot raptor running down the streets in Little Plains, or a Gatekeeper druid casting bones on Cassan Bridge



  • Nowen Tower

The Northedge residential area is the quietest quarter of Sharn. At first glance there’s little to attract adventurous sorts, unless someone is interested in purchasing top-quality real estate. At the same time, you never know when this charming and innocuous area could be the site of a nefarious cult or a devilish plot.

Northedge Quarter: Noteworthy Locations

Location Description District
Gates of Passage Built from Aereni densewood, this spire serves both as the embassy of Aerenal and a temple of the Undying Court. Aereni citizens who die in Sharn are interred in the temple crypts until their remains can be transported to Aerenal. Shae Lias, Upper Northedge
Nightshade An apothecary dealing in exotic herbs and salves, Nightshade is also a tavern specializing in lightly poisoned beverages. Shae Lias, Upper Northedge
The Oaks A legendary restaurant that serves Aereni and Brelish cuisine. The quality is unmatched, as are the aristocratic prices. Head chef Maza Thadian has maintained the Oaks for over three hundred years, but after her recent appointment as city councilor for Upper Northedge she is often occupied with other matters. Shae Lias, Upper Northedge
The Silver Bough This establishment deals in arms crafted in the Aereni tradition. This merchandise includes magic items, but woodshaper Tanar Mendyrian takes time to produce his wonders, and only a limited selection is available at any given time. Shae Lias, Upper Northedge
The Winding Root A marketplace and gallery that showcases the work of elven artisans, including sculptures, textiles, and fine clothing. Shae Lias, Upper Northedge
The Veil of Flesh This studio deals in Aereni body art and alteration, such as tattoos and cosmetic transmutation. Shae Lias, Upper Northedge
Coldflame Keep A garrison temple of the Silver Flame, this place once housed a hundred templars dedicated to protecting Sharn from supernatural threats. It has largely been abandoned; only a dozen devoted templars and adepts remain in residence. High Hope, Middle Northedge
Daca’s Watch A dwarf named Daca has been sitting on a pillar in Northedge for over a century, offering advice and encouragement. Though she doesn’t claim to be a priest, many believe that Daca is blessed and guided by Boldrei. High Hope, Middle Northedge
The Bear’s Rest A modest inn maintained by a beasthide shifter named Leara, who usually gives a discount to traveling shifters. The decor features various exotic hides. North Market, Lower Northedge
Fathen’s Shrine This marker in North Market commemorates a miracle that exposed a network of wererats in Sharn, along with the priest of the Silver Flame who died while fighting them. Pilgrims devoted to the Silver Flame often visit the shrine. North Market, Lower Northedge
The Horse and Hearth Though not as colorful as the Bear’s Rest, this large inn is maintained by House Ghallanda and offers rooms of modest and comfortable quality. North Market, Lower Northedge
The Rat’s Nest A modest tavern catering to the shifters of Lower Northedge, the Rat’s Nest is a haven for gossip and serves food and drink in the Eldeen style. North Market, Lower Northedge

Things to Do in Northedge

Northedge is the most peaceful quarter in Sharn. It does have a few taverns and temples, but if you’re looking for excitement or a wide selection of goods and services, you’ll want to go elsewhere. Even so, Northedge boasts some notable special attractions:

Settle down. If you’re looking for a place to live in Sharn, Lower Northedge residences are of reasonable quality and price and offer more security than Lower Dura.

Die in style. The elves of Shae Lias are experts in funerary customs and embalming. In addition, the high priest of the Gates of Passage is capable of raising the dead.

Find a patron. Many eccentric nobles make their homes in Upper Northedge. A patron of the arts could take an interest in the career of a bard or an entertainer. A collector might keep capable adventurers on retainer with the understanding that they’ll deliver any Dhakaani artifacts they come across in their travels. You never know what benefits a patron will provide; at the very least, having a patron can provide you with an introduction to high society.

Tavick's Landing


  • Caine Spire
  • Helas Keep

Everyone who comes to Sharn, whether by land or air, passes through Tavick’s Landing. The quarter took on a martial aspect during the Last War, and the tense atmosphere can still be felt today. On the positive side, Watch Commander Iyanna ir’Talan has gone to great efforts to purge corruption in the local garrisons of the Sharn Watch; as a result, this is one of the few districts where the Watch is both helpful and competent. On the downside, visitors from any nation that fought against Breland during the war might be greeted with suspicion or hostility.

Tavick’s Landing: Noteworthy Locations

Location Description District
The Crystals of Denion This gallery deals in rare and expensive magic items. The selection is limited, and Denion looks for items that are both beautiful and powerful. Silvergate, Upper
Tavick’s Landing
The Three Towers A fortress enclave of House Deneith. One tower is a garrison for the Blademark mercenary forces that police Upper Tavick’s Landing. The second is dedicated to house business and training. The third is a private mansion for Deneith heirs. Copper Arch, Upper Tavick’s Landing
Transmutation A beauty salon that employs both magical and mundane cosmetic techniques. Copper Arch, Upper Tavick’s Landing
Wyredd’s Spirits Wyredd deals in fine wines and exotic spirits. Wyredd’s has the finest selection in Sharn, but his prices are high. Copper Arch, Upper Tavick’s Landing
The Bloody Mug A comfortable tavern catering to Sharn’s Karrnathi immigrants. Travelers from Karrnath always receive a warm welcome and a tankard of nightwood ale in exchange for stories from the old country. Graywall, Middle
Tavick’s Landing
The Cornerstone A massive arena that hosts a wide array of sporting events. These include jousts and races, both on foot and through the air. The Stone Trees is an offshoot of the Cornerstone that serves as the playing field for hrazhak competitions. Cornerstone, Middle Tavick’s Landing
Deathsgate Guildhall A society where adventurers can hone their skills and seek profitable work. The Deathsgate Guild has a sinister reputation, earned because its members will do anything in pursuit of success. Deathsgate, Middle Tavick’s Landing
Starlight and Shadow Guildhall The guildhall of one of Sharn’s most prestigious arcane orders. A reliable source for arcane spellcasting services. Deathsgate, Middle Tavick’s Landing
Maynard’s Menagerie This Vadalis storefront deals in exotic pets and animal companions, along with barding and other useful gear. Deathsgate, Middle Tavick’s Landing
Redblade's A comfortable tavern catering to the adventurers of the Deathsgate Guild. Redblade is rumored to have a side business selling poison and venoms. Deathsgate, Middle Tavick’s Landing
Slogar's Restaurant This modest restaurant serves traditional Karrnathi cuisine. The ambience is a bit gloomy, but the prices are reasonable, and the food is very filling. Graywall, Middle
Tavick’s Landing
Tooth and Nail A comfortable tavern devoted to the sport of hrazhak. Most of the clientele are shifters, but anyone willing to talk hrazhak will find friends here. Cornerstone, Middle Tavick’s Landing
Chance A legendary gambling hall. In addition to standard games, it’s said that the host can cover a wide range of unusual wagers. Dragoneyes, Lower Tavick’s Landing
Terminus Station An enclave of House Orien, this site contains the lightning rail station. The administrators coordinate the many Orien caravans that come and go from Sharn. Many of the other dragonmarked houses have small outposts in or around Terminus Station, allowing travelers to immediately access the services of House Sivis, House Deneith, and others. Terminus, Lower
Tavick’s Landing
Velvet's Staffed by changelings, this comfortable inn specializes in fulfilling fantasies; both the staff and the rooms can be adapted to fit any scenario. Though some clients have romance in mind, others come to Velvet’s to relive triumphs, to prepare for debates or trials, or for help in developing a new identity.

Dragoneyes, Lower Tavick’s Landing

As a metropolitan district filled with immigrants, merchants, and travelers from across Khorvaire and beyond it, Tavick’s Landing offers a host of opportunities to enjoy food and entertainment from distant lands. Or you might find yourself here for one of a few specific reasons, such as:

Take a chance. The Dragoneyes district is filled with ways to lose your wages, both in established gambling halls and on street corners. If you you’re looking for something a little more exotic, see if you can find Chance. This is the name both of a secret, roaming gambling den and of the changeling who runs it. In addition to offering all manner of mundane games and bets, Chance is said to be able to arrange and cover nearly any sort of wager or duel. Are you ready to gamble with a fiend? Would you wager a year of your life for a moment of good fortune when you need it the most? If any of the rumors are true, these are examples of what’s possible at Chance.

Find refuge. Though most of the refugees in High Walls come from Cyre, the district is a haven for anyone displaced in the war, including Brelish. The place is overcrowded, however, and resources are stretched thin. Tensions are high, and feuds and power struggles among the refugees take place regularly. If you’re from Cyre, you might be able to find a cot in High Walls, especially if you already have friends or family living there.

Bond over blood. The Graystone district in Middle Tavick’s Landing is one of the few places in Breland where the Blood of Vol religion is practiced openly. Residents are circumspect about their activities, and undead servants are largely kept off the streets. But if you’re a follower of the faith, it’s a place where you can participate in the Sacrament of the Blood or consult with a priest. It’s also the best place to find a skilled necromancer, or to hear rumors about the latest schemes of the Order of the Emerald Claw.

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