1. Personnages


Doriak Resistance Leader, Duergar Soulknife
NPC (Politician)


Charismatic and willful, the duergar Doriak leader known as Jade-Lin has proven to be an effective military leader—and a significant problem for the Riedrans. She has become an almost legendary figure among the Doriak commoners, who view her as a savior of the people. JadeLin has led several recent guerrilla raids into the Paqaa Mountains, defeating the Riedran border garrisons and freeing captive Doriak working in mining facilities or occupied clanhomes. She has also managed to target and destroy at least one monolith.

Jade-Lin deliberately keeps her identity, intentions, and personal history shrouded in mystery. Actively hunted by Riedran death squads, she must constantly stay on the move. The Doriak commander travels with a small group of able comrades, and when she settles down for a short time, she is surrounded by loyal Doriak dwarves.

On occasion, Jade-Lin does recruit mercenaries for specific missions, using trusted lieutenant and go-betweens for added security. She pays extremely well for these dangerous assignments, and it's rumored she has access to much of the old Doriak wealth, through private sponsors and personal stockpiles. Outsiders who work for Jade-Lin are wise to be careful, for the Doriak leader isn't above sacrificing mercenaries for the good of her people.

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