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~How Combat Works~
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The ancestors of the present-day Shi were the crewmen of a Chinese submarine, the Shi-Huang-Ti, that was beached in San Francisco shortly after the Great War. Despite the extreme levels of radiation persisting in the burning ruins of the city, they managed to establish a foothold in the city (in the former Chinatown, no less). Gradually, the submarine was stripped of its subsystems, as they found a new purpose serving the Shi, as the group of survivors came to call themselves. Eventually, they created a newly built Steel Palace, from metal salvaged from the submarine.

By 2242, the Shi became a major research and development house, one that stayed out of wasteland politics. Their remote location, as well as the presence of various gangs and cultists in the San Francisco area helped them maintain their isolation and independence.

Thanks to their isolation and shunning of outsiders, the Shi have managed to retain a certain amount of their ancestors customs, such as clothing, language and demeanor. The Shi are a feudal society, with a strict hierarchical organization. The leader is nominally the Shi Emperor. However, due to the fact that it is a computer, the actual leader is his head adviser, Ken Lee. Under his command stands the Shi guard, a highly effective fighting force whose sole purpose is protecting the Shi and San Francisco, and the research and development branches of the organization. The Shi also has a network of spies that operate within the city to oversee everything that happens within the city. Those that do not enjoy an official position remain outside the power structure and are expected to provide for the community; in return they enjoy the protection of the Shi guard as well as other benefits coming from being a tight knit community.

The Shi are one of the most advanced factions in the wastes, surpassing even the Brotherhood of Steel. They have considerable industrial capability, being able to manufacture high tech weapons, both to equip their military force, and for trade. Perhaps their most awe-inspiring feat is the ability to restore pre-War T-51 power armor to working condition and offer them for sale through affiliated merchants.

The Shi are also very active researchers. They are nearing a breakthrough in the rediscovery of nuclear power and are considering methods of space travel. They have also learned to synthesize a new fuel using plant extracts and sea life. Since integrating pre-existing pipelines to their fuel reservoirs, they can direct full to a number of diverse areas, including the PMV Valdez. New weapons research and insights into new polymeric combat armor, with enhanced heat and penetration resistance, look like promising additions to the Shi armament, particularly when viewed in context with their construction capabilities. It is forecast that, with vertibird schematics, a prototype could be manufactured in a year. In an additional year, mass vertibird production would be viable.

Other, less militaristic, advances include radiation-resistant plant life in the Shi botany department, which is led by Dr. Sheng. Initial experimentation yielded results with unpleasant side effects, so it was posited that research be redirected to more critical areas. After Dr. Long Wang's experimentation of injecting himself with a FEV-derived serum to manufacture super soldiers failed, his genetic research department was merged with Dr. Sheng's botany department. Due to this merging, research on radiation-resistant plant life was resumed. The research culminated in a radiation consuming vine that scoured the San Francisco area of radiation after the Enclave's destruction.

"The city of Los Angeles must have been the largest in the world before the War. The L.A. Boneyard stretched forever, the skeletons of buildings lying under the hot sun..."


Most people in L.A. who survived the nuclear blasts died after the bombs dropped, due to radiation poisoning, disease, famine, and other reasons. The city itself was ravaged by fires and nuclear bombs themselves. In fact, one of the warheads effectively turned Orange County into a crater. Some inhabitants took shelter in the demonstration vault, and eventually, most of them emerged in 2092.[2] Many of them were the founders of Adytum, fenced sections in the suburbs of the old Los Angeles. Some founded gangs, like the Blades and the Rippers.[3]

~Gangs and Adytum~

In 2155, the Master learned the location of the Los Angeles Vault, conquered the inhabitants and set up operations there, and the human cultists began to use the vault as their power base. Eventually, a monumental building known as the Cathedral was constructed above the vault. The cultists thus became known as the Children of the Cathedral. Of those that remained in the Vault, most became the Master's servants and members of the Children of the Cathedral. Those that left could be part of almost any organization in L.A.[4]

In the 2150s, a pack of deathclaws appeared in the Boneyard, taking over the base of the Rippers. In 2158, Jon Zimmerman, the town's mayor, hired a band of mercenaries known as the Regulators to help protect Adytum from the deathclaws and the odd random attack by raiders, who by 2161 were in control of Adytum.[5] The Vault Dweller recounts that "[He] found many enemies, and a few friends, in the Boneyard. [He] killed when necessary and learned more about the nature of [his] true foes." Sometime during his journey in the Boneyard, he killed the deathclaws which allowed the Gun Runners to expand their business.

~State of the New California Republic~

By 2189, the Boneyard became one of the states of the New California Republic and Adytum became known as New Adytum, holding seats in the NCR Senate.[6]

As one of the largest cities in NCR territory, it was a natural choice for many organizations to place their headquarters. Thus, by 2281, the Boneyard is host to the Republic Reserve[7] and the Follower's Angel's Boneyard Medical University[8] among many others. As the NCR now has control over the Boneyard, it has become much more stable, with the buildings rebuilt, redecorated and renovated. However, some people that live there claim it is not the best place to grow up,[9] indicating the NCR still has some work to do and are working to fix it.[10]


The Boneyard can be found southwest of Vault 13.

The M&A 9mm pistol is a semi-automatic handgun, designed by M&A Guns Manufacturers. It is the standard issue sidearm of the New California Republic Army and a common sight in the Mojave Wasteland.

Rank 1: Add your Agility (AG) to your Base Critical % Chance.

Rank 2: Gain a +2 when rolling for critical effect!

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