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Welcome to the Vigilants.  You are one of the thousands of people living in the imperial capital of Sentra, the jewel of the Empire. For some of you, this is home, a comfortable and familiar place you've known your entire life.  For o ...

Welcome to the Vigilants. You are one of the thousands of people living in the imperial capital of Sentra, the jewel of the Empire

For some of you, this is home—a comfortable and familiar place you've known your entire life.  For others, the city may only be a brief stop, perhaps one of many in your travels.  But regardless of how you came here, you share the same streets.

Depending on who you are—and where you live—Sentra can be a beautiful city of wonder and splendor. Yet that perfect city is only what many people see on the surface.  There are those that understand there is more to the city, that there are flaws in it that run deeper than what most will see.  There are those that know what lies beneath.

The Story

Continued from Session 20: Inchoate Questioning

Tor'in woke in the early hours of the morning just before dawn at the tenements in Darin's Folly where Inconnu lived. Two thugs had entered the building, looking for someone. Tor'in watched them go upstairs, and then went outside and climbed up and into Amaro's room to warn him. He convinced Amaro to leave out the window. Amaro made a clumsy attempt following the same path down the wall that Tor'in took, and managed not to hurt himself on the way down. Tor'in then lay in wait for the two men. He killed one, and wounded the other, and decided to take him prisoner and bring him to Amos and the others at the Welcome Chill.

Amos healed the prisoner and the party secured him, hidden in a nearby alley while they took up their places around the Welcome Chill. Ren made for the rooftops of the alley behind the tavern. Meriel, Tor'in and Oak went inside posing as patrons while @Amos took station outside to watch for anyone suspicious. Amaro entered the tavern, and waited for his contact.

Although Amos missed the arrival, Oak was on high alert and spotted the stranger arriving. He wore a heavy hooded gray cloak that hid his face from view. But he approached Amaro and after an appropriate code phrase was given, sat down. He paid Amaro, and offered him another job: getting him in touch with Salan Cornys, the leader of the Cornys Crime Family. Amaro was hesitant; he felt that the two visitors this morning were sent by Cornys. The stranger's coin was enough to convince him to try, however. Amaro left, and then when the stranger stood up, he revealed himself to be Allan—or at least someone with the appearance of the dead Lakasis priest.

Tor'in and Meriel began to approach, and Amos called upon Kolrehs to form a magical barrier around their target Allan. Allan lowered his head, and when he raised it again he was Salan Cornys. He attempted to convince some of the fleeing patrons to support him. Some of them who were likely Cornys members themselves turned against the party. Meriel was able to convince most of them it would be a bad idea, including one especially tough-looking dwarven goon.  There were some setbacks, but the party was eventually victorious, and their quarry fell unconscious to the floor. They searched him, and found a number of items: a wedding ring, a necklace with a floral design, a holy symbol of Lakasis, a series of envelopes containing love letters, and several vials of a blue liquid. When searching his pockets, the flipped him over, and revealed the face of Prince Tobias er'Ceasian. Unsure if the Vigilants would be a safe place to go, the party wrapped him up in a rug and made their way to Sana's workshop in the sewers.

House Ceasian is the current imperial family.  Their reign began with Emperor Cessius er'Ceasian in 977 AE.

Emperor Hadrianus er'Ceasian took the throne after the passing of his grandfather Polonius er'Ceasian in 1191 AE. His father, Traianus er'Ceasian had died earlier.

There are currently two brothers that are contenders for the throne, Princes Barnabus and Tobias.  They are the nephews of the current emperor and their father Aleron er'Ceasian was the younger brother of Emperor Hadrianus.  The emperor's only progeny, Prince Cephius died in infancy.

The Week of Remembrance is a seven-day festival, a time to celebrate and honor the ancestors and the respected dead, that falls on the last Sunis in the month of Aprivius.  Although primarily an observance of the Keepers, many other religions and organizations follow the holiday.  The Aldarites and Imperial family use the time to promote the great leaders of the past, Kolrehsans remember those that have fallen in battle, and the Elves build small shrines to their ancestors and loved ones no longer with them.

In Sentra, the first day of the festival is started with a family dinner, with extra portions being set aside for those that have died.  As the sun sets, people stand outside holding traditional candles while a procession of Keepers walks through the city streets.  They pray and chant and sing, asking that any spirits that come to visit over the week are benevolent and remember their loved ones with kindness, and that those still living honor the dead in return.  This is supposed to be a time when the veil between the living and the dead is weaker, and although rare, it is not unheard of for a spirit to cause some havoc through the night.  The Keepers are very quick and very firm about putting an end to any such occurrences, although there are always children and teenagers that put on a mask and run around as mischief makers that lay the blame on restless spirits.

The City

Read about life in the city and the neighborhoods and people that live in them:  City Life


Located in the Downriver Ward, the Sand Enclave is a small neighborhood that's home to a majority of Sentra's Elven residents. The neighborhood plainly has better streets and Imperial Watch presence than Rattlestone. Whereas the Sand Enclave is a place where citizens and tourists alike can visit to get a feel for "the life of elves" and a taste of Desert architecture, the Rattlestone neighborhood is a more authentic look at the actual life of an elf in the city.

Details are sketchy about the death of Solarian. Most contemporary historians and The Solari agree that he traveled with a band of heroes, and was perhaps their leader.  They were in pursuit of a necromancer that had raised an army of undead, including a dragon, with some unknown but evil purpose.

In their struggle against the necromancer, Solarian sacrificed himself, giving his life to save many innocent people, possibly even the city of Sentra itself.

At this point, historians laud his sacrifice, but go no further.  The Solari, on other hand, believe that he ascended into some sort of godhood or sainthood.

An exclusive society for the richest and most influential people of the Empire. Merchants, priests, military officers, and other notables gather for grand galas—the Fournius Gala is one such example.  Many powerful people openly wear the sign of membership: eight rings, one on each finger, made out of a metal that signifies their rank within the organization. Outside of their social gatherings, members often contribute to philanthropic causes.

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