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One of the two major groups forming the bulk of the Kluuvachni Horde along with the Kluu, the Vachni are a boundless swarm of numerous intelligent warmongering insect-like species hell-bent on dominating all of Kälran.

Dormant until the world froze over, they previously laid for who knows how long deep below the surface. It is believed they come from a land in the distant skies, but nobody not even the Vachni now know their true origin, except perhaps the Kluu who subjugated them.

Major language groups and dialects

Chittering and screeching not understood by any is actually a result of their bodily movements rather than a form of speech. The Vachni as a matter of fact communicate telepathically with each other, and the Kluu operate as a semi-hive mind for them after having forged a seemingly beneficial symbiotic relationship.

Culture and cultural heritage

Very few of those who consider themselves the "civilised" peoples of Kälran have bothered, or even cared to monitor the Vachni from a distance, but anybody who endeavours to has noticed displays of respect and admiration for the higher-ranking clans, and contrastingly a complete disregard for those beneath them. When not dueling to ascend, they work tirelessly to expand their dominion above and below ground, whilst maintaining assaults on Huldanian territories.

Shared customary codes and values

Climbing the ranks is simple in their society: the Sul'Gam, or Soul Gambit. Clans band together to challenge those higher up, sacrificing the weaker members in a bid to become powerful. Superior clans can command any below them, and have access to even more dire instruments of war bestowed upon them by the Kluu.

Common Dress code

Clothing is not a staple of how Vachni dress, with the only semblances of vanity being war paints made from the blood of their foes, and trophies kept from their conquests worn on their bodies.

Art & Architecture

Large sturdy wooden bridges and ghastly effigies scattered around the deep tunnels are some of the only structures seen to have been made as none dare venture further down to learn more of their culture. Larger trophies are known make their home in the pits of their caverns, and the only type of art they have been observed to create is splashes of blood over the walls marking their claims.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

All Vachni are born in the dozens as small eggs, rapidly growing inside before cracking out of their shells only days later. Mere weeks separate births causing numbers to increase far quicker than they can be depleted by the Glacial Knights.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Burials are not a recognised part of Vachni customs, instead the weaker clans consume the remains of the dead to grow in strength and move further up the ranks.

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