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Different sects - Sun (Rae), Moon (Ien), the Frozen Star (Jul)

Northern Solstice and Southern Solstice (Elite) - Highly trained defenders of the “brightest” (capital), and the “darkest” (cryovolcano where frost-steel originates)

100 1st, 75 2nd, 50 3rd


New Moon (Levy) and Full Moon (Trained) - Fresh recruits and conscripts acting as general police of settlements before joining another regiment, and the permanent wardens respectively



Vernal Equinox and Fall Equinox (Trained) - Watchtowers visible from the centre of each region, upon mountains and beside valleys



Waxing and Waning Crescent (Semi-Professional) - Rescuers, liberators, saviours, magick and combat focused respectively



Zenith and Nadir (Semi-Professional) - Bodyguards for convoys and caravans across the mountains and valleys respectively



Retrograde (Untrained) - Non-Glacial Knights, mishmash of other non-conventional soldiers, those that use more than just “the Light”



Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, Stellar Eclipse Pyreteams (Elite - all “By X”, e.g. “By Ien” for Lunar) - Special ops strike forces, reconnaissance, and expeditionary forces, made different by their chosen sect in how they approach situations



Transforming gunblades (sword drops down to stabilise rifle-type maybe?) Maybe Brigitte flail/mace-type weapon too, shield that absorbs kinetic energy and blasts it back, other renaissance/industrial-era type tech Bardiche? Glaive? Sun-soaked shards as ammo? Other types?


General (Whole Army) Colonel (Solstice) Major (Regiment) Captain (Battalion) Lieutenant (Battalion) Sergeant (Battalion) Corporal (Battalion)

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