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Rumoured to be home to the fabled underground crystalline lake of Kinmoeas, the self-contained island of Marlos is a wondrously verdant and fertile, strife-stricken jungle. Possessing a storied history, it remains as one of the most volatile regions forever cursed by the souls of the damned.

Bloody ages long since passed paint the chronicles of centuries, if not millennia gone by and all but forgotten. Some of the major ones include the escalating Crusade against Wykatoa, representing the first real war. The Discovery of Calfrium, a monumental occasion when the whole world was thrust forward in magickal affinity, and with that power came an even more intense struggle than had ever seen before by any. The Ascension of the Jra'Ken, taking place not too long after, when mortals almost stood as gods. Disrupted by the goings on of Marlos, the rhythm of life and death on Lae'vi has never been as it should be.

Sealed in an eternal conflict, the esoteric forces at play did nothing but secure an endless torment for those that made their stay here. Known as the Isle of Origination, no matter how desecrated the land becomes, it maintains a cycle, allowing it to return to its lush and dense, primitive state. Once, this only meant what would sprout from the ground. However, infinite suffering was fabricated when the celestials failed in their mission to annihilate the living.

It was a crisis nobody could have prepared for: Angelfire raining down from the Heavens, ensuring no peace was ever to endure on these shores again. The Inochien enchantments protecting the sanctum of Marlos resulted in an enormous cataclysmic event. Whilst it safeguarded far more life than it otherwise was meant to, it ripped and teared existence wide open. Reality lays truly fragmented since that day.

Shockwaves blasted apart the arrays the angels once used for their own conservation, empowering their eventual banishment by the Arbiters. Ephemeral rifts manifested from breaches connected to the Void, releasing even deadlier eldritch horrors for the Consortium to deal with. The very foundations of the earth were shook, rupturing fissures to Hell for the demons to spill out from, bestowing the Blessed with their unending quest.

Perhaps a way may yet be found to mend the remnants of civilisation? The free peoples can only hope.

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