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As shown by the impact the transcendental gemstone of the isles has provided, Jade is much more than a mere lavish jewel used for splendid ornaments or breathtaking jewellery. Hugely beneficial healing medicines, massively dangerous illegal drugs, arkane runes of boundless power, impressive arms and armour, and a considerable deal more, Jade has so many enviable applications that make it this treasured yet also dreadfully abused.

It is thought that when exposed to vast quantities of Jade for an extended period of time, the very quintessence of the gems flows through the soul of the touched, bringing metaphysical form to what they yearn for. Plenty have tried to bring this upon themselves for personal gain, but rarely has it been reported to bear any fruit, and usually results in the individual being driven mad if anything does actually happen. This is called the Jade Nightmare.

The widely accepted belief is a terrible trauma is the only thing that can allow the spirit to open up and accept the embrace of the Jade. At a person’s lowest point, when it feels as if nothing can or will ever get better, and all that remains is their deepest sorrow and darkest misery imaginable. The Jade connects with the last glimmer of light within, personifying itself as what they desire most, and converts the disheartened to the awakened. Revelations of what was, is, and what will be. Creating an inconceivable motivation, the tormented become empowered and from then on have the mythical Jade Dream on their side.

A myriad of stories tell of people reinvigorated by the Jade: the mysterious Ethereal Warden, forever intertwined with the one they were enamoured of; the admired Dwaer architect, Il Vorace, possessing the exceedingly heightened skills and senses used to build the city of Nilince; the peculiar wanderer known only as the Amethyst Drifter, a stranger to this land in search of knowledge above all else; and even the esteemed Qjinni, Chief Janus Klaratu, featuring a truly iron will and an expertise granting her the competence to do what is necessary for the peoples of Sha'a-Ale.

Fortunate for all is that the Jade Dream only imbues itself into the troubled in this way, as otherwise the potential for ruin across the empire would be indescribable. Talk around the Archipelago says Auria and Wiccatoré Yaztós are both intent on finding a way to capitalise on the galvanised, and may be trying to sway such individuals to their side, including by threats of violence if necessary. Rumour has it they are also attempting to manipulate the distraught and use them as a conduit to gain this potent force for themselves.

Popus Xiovænni de Sanctíl continues uplifting the faithful, and through the tireless conviction and dedication of their own work and devotees, ensures those consecrated by the Jade endure and stay pure, rescuing any in need from crisis, and teaching them how to use their newfound abilities for good…

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