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Vallus is revered as the goddess of wisdom and beauty, and she is believed to know as much about Thylea’s history as Sydon and Lutheria. She was once known to travel far and wide, surveying ancient ruins and collecting lore concerning the origins of the land and the fey races. Prayers are offered to Vallus when guidance is needed and information is scarce. She is the oldest daughter of Mytros and, in many ways, she has inherited her mother’s legacy, serving as both queen and patron goddess to the city.


Her symbol is a golden laurel wreath with five stars.


Earning and Losing Piety

You increase your piety score to Vallus when you expand the god’s influence in the world in a concrete way through acts such as these:

  • Supporting those who would reform or overturn institutions

  • Solving a challenging riddle or puzzle

  • Smiting the unwise and foolish in Vallus’ name

  • Helping a polis successfully plan for or adapt to a threat

Your piety score to Vallus decreases if you diminish Vallus’ influence in the world, contradicts her ideal of gradual change, or attempt to impose artificial order through acts such as these:

  • Jeopardizing others through rash or foolish actions

  • Willingly subverting or impeding a wise course of action

  • Failing to plan appropriately for a challenge

  • Giving in to wanton fury and destruction


Piety Needed


Piety 3+ 


Piety 10+ 


Piety 25+ 

Champion of Logic

Piety 50+ 

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