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1494 DR

Hawthorne was built in 1494 DR, after Lerwick, the former town of the members of the Hawthorne Guild was destroyed. Akin to how Lerwick used to be, Hawthorne is a very progressive town, but is much larger than Lerwick was.

Although there are a lot of exotic races and adventurers in the town, there's also common inhabitants that have elected to come live in the town. They can usually be seen working the fields and plying their trades, though perhaps there are not quite as many as you would expect to find in other towns. The guild provides a strong flow of gold that is readily spent on supporting the town rather than its own coffers. The Hawthorne Guild has been a stabilizing force in the region ever since it arrived, and for that the inhabitants of Hawthorne are grateful. It allegedly is quite a nice place to live… once you can get over the strangeness of its more prominent inhabitants.

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