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Votaciones comunitarias

Los usuarios que apoyan a Kanka ayudan a moldear la evolución de la app mediante las frecuentes votaciones comunitarias.

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January 2022
diciembre 29, 2021
December 2021
noviembre 24, 2021
November 2021
octubre 25, 2021
October 2021
septiembre 23, 2021
September 2021
agosto 27, 2021

November 2021

octubre 25, 2021

Dear subscribers,

For November, we are skipping our traditional monthly community vote. Now now, no need to get your pitchforks just yet, we have a good reason! I swear!

As you probably all know by now, the end of spring brought a new design for entities. These changes weren't without a few hiccups, and we recently ran a survey where a substantial number of you took the time to give us detailed feedback on the new design! Therefore, we have decided to skip the November vote and focus on implementing changes based on said feedback.

See you in a month!

I still want to vote!
Yes, please make Kanka sexier.
But what about calendars? 🤔

Han votado 70 participantes.

La votación tuvo lugar desde las octubre 25, 2021 GMT hasta las octubre 31, 2021 GMT.

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