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The Forgotten Fear of Vor Rukoth

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It’s here, but I suppose it’s always been here, lurking between the cracks and crevices of the earth, it’s unholy appendages leeching onto the surface akin to some blasphemous aberration smelling out prey for the first time. The corruption of Vor Rukoth has slowly begun to plague the continent making its way from the eastern corner of the world, spreading its decay across the land as it slowly crawls and consumes everything it touches. Toxic fungi, giant spiders, eldritch abominations have begun to appear originating out of its decrepit pits. Yet, the governments of the world feign ignorance to its existence instead aiming to deal with unscrupulous manners of war and politics.

Wiser men have begun to flee the only known continent of the world, sailing west in search of new land, as the corruption begins to cause adverse effects on the world.

So, what will you do, oh wise adventurers, will you stand your ground and move closer to the abomination that is the plague, or will you sail west, and leave the world you always knew behind.

Dare you rise against The Forgotten Fear of Vor Rukoth?

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