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Maybe you know your history. Maybe not. But you're pretty sure it didn't go like this...It's 1821. A third of the world is ruled by the British Crown with Bloody Charlotte, 4th child of the late King George the Third and Vampire Empress sitting on the throne. The British nobility is made up of her kine, blood-bound to their Queen and reigning from Victorian Citadels shrouded by perpetual storm clouds, cast out by the corrupting presence of a manufactured class of soldier-slaves. The Promethean Guards.Maybe you were once human, or you thought you were anyway. You know better now, but that's a small horror next to the time, the reality, you find yourself in. You are displaced in time and reality both. A monster from another time. A person from another history. One where Vampires don't openly rule Britain, where the Holy Roman Empire hasn't turned to impossible magics to ward their borders and where colonies rebelled from their imperial masters, seeking their own, flawed ...

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Beast Playmate

Mostly stays in freehold.

Silver Ladder is a humanist Order dedicated to the ideal of lifting every human soul to its natural level of enlightenment, healing the Fallen World of the Exarchs' influence.

Someone needs to guide and lead those who cannot lead themselves, and the Silver Ladder rises to the challenge. Basing themselves in the various groups of Atlantean priests and viziers collectively known as Vox Draconis (Dragon's Voice), the Silver Ladder does not lead as Kings but as the enlightened among the masses. They follow the Elemental Precepts which states that the Awakened must be united and that magic is the right of all humans who live.

The Silver Ladder hold a unique perspective on the Fall: it was a masterstroke on the part of the Exarchs making it much more difficult for the Oracles to find new allies in the Supernal War, but the 'game' is by no means over. The Silver Ladder spend their days planning a counterstrike that will equal or exceed the Exarchs in cunning and daring: turning the Lie of the Fallen Realm back upon itself, and storming the Supernal Realms with the entire human race united against the Exarchs.

Naturally, the Guardians of the Veil dispute the value of the latter half of the strategy, which forms the basis of the two Orders' persistent rivalry, but the Silver Ladder accepts this as a necessary 'review' of their plans.

The Silver Ladder also maintains an enduring rivalry with the Seers of the Throne, and not merely because the Orders battle over the same weapon (all of mortal humanity).

It's where all the trains come and go. Actually pretty dang important in a port city!

Tarot: Ace of Pentacles

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