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The Beer Golem

This cheery tavern fronts the corner of Slop Street and Snake Alley, its sign visible on both. Inside, the taproom is open and welcoming, warm wood paneling covering the stone walls and floor, though some areas toward the back wall are pockmarked from past dagger-throwing competitions.

  • Address Kerrigan's Court, Adventurers' Quarter, South Ward West, South Ward
  • Type Tavern
  • Price Range ⏺⏺⏺🞅🞅
  • Proprietor(s) Tomed Myntion, an affable older man who inherited the establishment from his parents.
  • Once known as Mirt the Merciless and the Old Wolf, Mirt made a fortune and carved out a reputation as an adventurer and philanderer. Today, an older and wiser Mirt serves as a Harper representative. The years have not worn him down, and though he has grown soft in the flesh, he remains deceptively strong, vigorous, and clear of mind. Mirt has survived the passing of centuries by means of magic.

    Despite his prodigious girth, Mirt can move with good speed when he must, and he hasn't let his adventuring skills wither. His wife, Asper, passed away several years ago, and his rambling mansion has seen better days. Mirt spends his days embroiled in politics and whiles away his nights in drink and debauchery.

  • Potential Resources Consumables
  • Periodically throughout Waterdeep’s history, the byzantine factions of the city—or some significant subset thereof—will become collectively fixated upon some single objective.

    Thus will begin a Grand Game.

    Unlike The Noble Game, which is limited to the inner machinations of Waterdeep's noble families, Grand Games run beyond the scope of simple high society squabbling. Though some of a given Game's players will be noble houses or members thereof, others will be members of powerful factions with a strong presence in Waterdeep, small bands of adventurers, and even particularly canny individuals.

    Sometimes the goal of a Grand Game will be arcane. Often it is clandestine, although quite public struggles are not unknown; On no less than three occasions the Grand Game has revolved around the appointment of the Open Lord. Whatever the case, the intense rivalries of the Grand Game give birth to all forms of subterfuge, covert activities, deception, and intrigue.

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