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The Core Mechanic

Advantage/Disadvantage: Roll an extra d20 per level of advantage or disadvantage, with levels of advantage and disadvantage cancelling each other out evenly. Take the highest roll if you have advantage, or the lowest roll if you have disadvantage.

Edge: Add 1d4 to the roll. Edge does not stack.


Armor Class: If you are wearing light armor, your armor class is equal to 10+(the armor's armor bonus)+(the higher of your dexterity or intelligence modifier)+(your quest bonus). If you are wearing heavy armor, do not add your dexterity or intelligence modifier.

Attack Bonus: Your attack bonus is the (relevant modifier)+(your quest bonus). If this is a weapon attack and you are proficient, add your weapon's proficiency bonus

Attack Damage: Weapon attacks deal a multiple of the weapon's damage die, while implement attacks deal damage dice based on the power. In addition, attacks deal bonus damage equal to the (relevant modifier)+(your quest bonus).

Critical hits deal the maximum possible damage of an ordinary hit, plus an additional {Q}d6 damage.

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