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An Introduction to Viatoris



Key Information


  • Keywords: Ardour, Aspiration, Awe
  • Themes and Touchstones: TBC
  • Colours: TBC
  • X, X, X

Inspirations & References

Characters & Entities

Locations & Locales

Organisations & Families

Creatures & Species

Items & Objects


  • The Bond - Keira + Bracelets with Aleasha
    • "The brightest sparks never die, their light shines on...", The Bond - TO CONFIRM SOURCE
    • "Careful fear and dead devotion, we can't get the balance right....", The Bond - Don't Swallow the Cap, the National
    • "Eyes up, Guardian.", The Bond - Destiny
    • "Fear not, live yet...", The Bond - Inspired by Everybody Dies, Kim Petras
    • "Remember that every action is an act of creation...", The Bond - My Shot, Hamilton

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