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  1. Diarios

Jeff McCallister's Diary



This journal relates the daily thoughts of a man named Jeff McCallister who, accompanied by his brother Kevin, went on a quest to slay Hill Giants who were terrorizing his hometown, Yartar.

 The entries seem to indicate, through some incredible circumstances, mostly due to Kevin's dim wit and inability to do anything properly, that the two brothers ended up being forced into pretending to be members of a cult to ensure their survival. This led them quite a long way away from their hometown. The man seems to be quite uncomfortable with the activities of the cult, which are said to take place in a hideout referred to as ''The Crib'', but seems to be slowly making his way up the ranks, which he believes will give him more freedom, and potentially allow him and his brother to escape. It seems like his ascent in the ranks has been slowed down by his brother, and that it would be easier for him to escape without him, but the writer still seems to care about his brother dearly and doesn't wish to escape without him.

This journal also makes mention of someone referred to as ''The Maw'' who is ignoring some of the cults ''rules'' and using the cult for her own bidding. It is indicated that she intimidates or threatens whoever goes against her. The writer makes mention of telling on her to the High Priestess of the Veil in order for her to look favorably upon him, which would help his ascension up the ranks, but he is now terrified that ''The Maw'' will find out.

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