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From an outside perspective: Looking in from the Shadowfell


At the time of this writing, something along the line of joy and tragedy had occurred. 

Oh hey, there we are! Yeah, and that thing with the goat horns and the tall black statuesque demeanor? That's the thing that killed us. We're the little lump of flesh over there being buried under the skeletal horde at Yuuto's feet, and it seems we were slain by that goat thing too.

Alright... Enough with the little bit of comedy relief right there. We fucked up. It seems the common folly that we have commited is allowing our feeling of joy and the blood that rushes forth from it to blind us to reason. We should've been more prepared. Now look at us... Where did that joy get us?

"So you are probably wondering how I got to this mess? All alone in my thoughts with no one to talk to but just an echo to keep me company... Well... One could say that it all started when we headed over to that wardstone, and like the others, we attempted to fix it like we did the other two... We couldn't exactly leave it and let the undead crawl about in the place..."

Go on...

"Weiss and Yuuto had given it a good examination... Said something about the spell being of the Abjuration variety... However, what was also said was that the spell prevented sacred beings--- the Celestials--- from entering... In egghead-speak, that would be a Forbiddance..."

Yes... I have heard. Weiss also said that it was modified to some extent and the procedure was too delicate. Cutting the line of magic would be quite hazardous if we pruned the wrong thing. Plus we were also fighting off some rather hostile undead and fiends. What do you suppose they would want with us?

"They called us a Cleric of the Ravens... It seems they know very well... or... whatever was controlling them..."

Ahhh yes... That fight was rather rough. By the time we returned to the wardstone, we could barely stand and could barely tap into the ninth circle. We also didn't have the necessary resources to restore anyone let alone do what we did to the other stones. Though there was one thing...

"I called out to Her..."

Oh yes... That... How... How did it feel? Why did we do it?

"This place... Bright Crown Citadel... It was supposed to be a resting place for those who have fought to protect... We saw it with Sir DuLac... We saw it with the other wards... Whatever raised them... it also distorted their souls and made them into monsters in undeath! It is no different than what that bitch Krastovich would've done..."

Krastovich... Huh... I feel like we are missing something here. I think there may be a name that could fit better but it seems it has elluded us.

But yes... That was why we did it. The Queen is usually a sore subject for us. We didn't know for the longest time if we feared Her or loved Her. She did give us this life. She gave us a second chance.

Say... When we invoked her power in her plane of dominance... Was that actual joy we felt?

"I... I am not sure... However, I decided that we couldn't have that mild manner with her forever, and for the first time, I beseeched her for an Intervention... It was a strange feeling... Dread? No... Fear? No, not that... It was..."

So it was joy... We figured...

"So it would seem... When I tapped into that connection... It might be due to the place we were... The Shadowfell... A place of gloom and melancholy and yet I found myself somewhere else... For a moment, I found myself in a place where a blasting howls of wind surrounded an ominous black tower... The sky was darkened, not because it was always in a perpetual state of night, but because of the swarm of ravens passing over the tower... They then formed into a claw and grabbed at me..."

Any person in a normal situation would be terrified... and yet... strangely enough as stated before, we felt... Joy... Strangely enough it felt warm... Being recognised. Being praised for our efforts and value. That was what we wanted, right?



Please don't leave me alone here... It's gone dark... Where did you go?

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