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Release 0.32 - Soft Relaunch
Release 0.32 - Soft Relaunch
February 14, 2020
Release 0.31.1
February 9, 2020
Release 0.31
January 28, 2020
Roadmap Early 2020
January 13, 2020
Release 0.30.2
January 11, 2020

Version 0.3.3 ALPHA

Version 0.3.3 ALPHA

Version 0.3.3 ALPHA

February 21, 2018

Please welcome some new and fancy features that should improve your quality of life when using the app!

New Features

  • Key bindings: Hitting Ctrl+S on forms will now save the content [45]
  • When creating a new entity, the name is clickable in the success message [44]
  • Added a "New" button in the view page of an entity [26]
  • Dropdowns now pre-load 10 recently motidies entities [13]
  • Improved search to also look into type, description and history when available [11]

Bug fixes

  • Several small fixes in pt-BR
  • Bug when registering a new account after login out and some variables not being reset
  • Bug when deleting several characters at once that were part of organisations
  • Bug when generating a random character in en-US

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