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Build a complex web of relations between the entities of your world.

If you find yourself forgetting who a character's parent or childhood friend is, then creating relations between entities is the way to go. All entities can have relations with other entities.

Kanka relations

Create relations between two entities, and use an attitude field to know how people feel about each other, or use colours to quickly tell what kind of relation it is. Relations can be mirrored, so changing one changes the relation on the other entity.

Very important relations can also be pinned to the entity's main page. This can be used to ensure you never forget who a player character's rival is.

premium campaigns also get a visual explorer to navigate between the relations of entities.

Kanka relation explorer

Other features


Permissions can be set for modules, or for each single entity. Campaigns can also be set to public for the whole world to see.

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Upload maps of your worlds, cities and caves, and add handy markers and links on them.

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Create fully custom calendars with the weeks and months you want. Add seasons, weather, moons for flavour and knowing how the world is. Attach entities to the calendar as a reminder with control on how long they last, and how often they occur.

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