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Every great civilisation needs a way to track the passage of time and events. While timelines in Kanka are for the big picture, calendars are to detail what is currently happening in your world.

Calendars are a complex beast with many obscure options. At their most basic level, calendars need months, weekdays, and a current date. These are the only required fields to create a calendar in Kanka.

But it doesn't stop there. You can create moons, seasons, name your weeks, name your years, define the weather on any given day, and more.

Calendars comes with the options to set intercalary months, leap years, weekly and monthly resets. They can also be set to automatically advance the date by a day when the server clocks hit midnight.

Once the calendar is set up, you can add reminders to them. Reminders are what links the entities of a campaign to a calendar. If a reminder links to an entity that the user can't see, the reminder won't be shown to them. Reminders can be recurring each month or each year. A reminder that has a length longer than two months will stop displaying in the calendar after the initial two months. We recommend creating two reminders for that scenario: one when it starts and one when it ends.

Kanka calendar

Explore an example of a calendar

You can display a calendar directly on your campaign dashboards by including the calendar widget. This will also show recently finished and upcoming events. Please note that the recurring events are less likely to show in the list of upcoming events.

Kanka calendar dashboard widget

Other features


Visually represent the timelines of your worlds, empires, noble families, or even a single character.

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Upload maps of your worlds, cities and caves, and add handy markers and links on them.

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Manage Secrets

Every entity can have several secrets attached to them in the form of posts. These can have permissions to control who sees them, and are visible on the entity's main view to quickly access them at a glance.

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