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June 23, 2021

Dear subscribers, we skipped last month's vote to focus on the UI changes that were recently released. While we will continue to focus on the new design and incorporating the community's feedback this upcoming month, we also want to get back on track with implementing community requested features.

Relation Explorer

We want to have two modes to the relation explorer that can be toggled. One mode would only show directly set relations, while the other would show all relations but also all related elements. For example, information which is displayed in the various submenus. A location might show the parent location, the items located in the location, the quests linked to the location, etc, but also show mentions.

Editing Warning

Voting for this feature would have us add a warning when loading an entity's edit form when the system detects someone else is already editing it.

Entity Note Role Permissions

Entity notes currently only support advanced permissions for users, which can get tedious in larger campaigns. Our last option for the community vote is to allow roles to be set as permissions on entity notes. 

As always, don't forget to join our Discord to keep up to date with progress on what gets implemented!

Relation explorer more details
Editing warning on entities
Role permission on entity notes

100 participants voted.

Voting lasted from June 23, 2021 GMT until July 1, 2021 GMT.

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