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A disease found in the Caelum Galaxy that is characterized by the celestine calcification and overgrowth of bones in an angelic wing-like pattern. Bones affected by angelrot grow to be out of proportion with the rest of the body. Creatures infected with angelrot scarcely notice they've contracted it for some time, assuming the patches of calcified skin are simply specs of dirt.

The symptoms of angelrot include weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath and loss of limb control, however the effects are not just physical. Some creatures affflicted with angelrot have neurological abnormalities, including intellectual disability, seizures, and vision loss over time. Once angelrot has fully taken hold of a creature, the creature will continue to calcify and grow wing-like protrusions from their bones until no biological material is left. Angelrot will typically start from an extremity and work its way towards the rest of the body, so amputation is a common form of treatment. Certain magical healing spells, such as lesser restoration, will also cure the disease, however healers with that level of skill are few and far between.

What, or who, created angelrot is currently unknown, although solar sailors have their theories. Some say the disease is a curse from celestials upon mortals, based on interactions and skirmishes in the Terminus, while others will say it is a naturally occurring phenomena, as entire ships will get infected with no celestial contact on record. Afflicted individuals are quarantined to ensure the angelrot does not propagate to the entire city. Doctors have found the transmission of angelrot to be from dust-like particulate, so keeping a respiratory filter or similar magical item may prove useful if you or an associate contract angelrot. 

There is no non-magical cure as of yet for angelrot. 

Mechanical Effects

A creature that comes into contact with another infected with angelrot (as noted in the table below) must roll a DC15 Constitution Saving Throw or gain one angelrot level. Once a creature has at least one level of angelrot, they must roll once a week to determine whether they gain another level. Angelrot effects are cumulative. 

Only items, such as Keogtom's Ointment, or spells/magical effects can cure angelrot, unless otherwise stated. Non-legendary items, as well as spells of 4th-level or lower will remove 1 level of angelrot. Legendary items and 5th-level or higher spells will remove angelrot entirely. 

Creatures that are immune to disease, constructs, and undead are immune to angelrot. If a creature has a respirator or similar magical item that purifies air, they can forego any rolls to contract angelrot from others. Creatures that have angelrot level 5 or lower can stop the spread of their particulate using a respirator as well. 

Angelrot LevelEffect

Subtract your angelrot level from damage rolls with melee weapon attacks.

Small patches of skin begin to take on a crystalline stone-like appearance. Although the skin is tough, you find it harder to leverage the muscles in the affected area.


Subtract your angelrot level from Strength saving throws and Strength-based ability checks.

Your bones begin to feel brittle and strange, as if they are growing additional parts. Parts of your body feel like the bone supporting it is giving way. 


You have +2 to your AC.
You can only move half your movement speed. Creatures that have come into close range (5ft or less) of you must roll once a day to determine whether they contract angelrot.

Large portions of your skin begin to take a crystalline stone-like appearance. Your body begins to feel as if you've doubled in weight. Although you don't see it, dust-like particulate has begun to spread from you after every breath. 


You have resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage.
You can no longer take reactions. You have disadvantage on Intelligence-based ability checks and saving throws. 

Your mind begins to fog, as if portions of your brain have begun to form crystalline structures within. It becomes harder to focus, and harder to react quickly to stimulus. 


Once per turn, roll a DC15 Constitution Saving Throw. On a fail, you can only take either an action or bonus action, not both. 
Creatures that come into close range of you must roll once an hour to determine whether they contract angelrot.

Wing-like protrusions begin to stick out of your body, piercing through cloth garments and gaps in armor. Most, if not all of your skin, has taken on a crystalline stone-like appearance. You can now see the puffs of dust-like angelrot particulate you are spreading from your breaths. 


You are now petrified. A creature petrified this way freed by the greater restoration spell or other magic. 

You are now a statue made of celestine calcified bone, with wing-like protrusions aplenty throughout what was once your body. Although your character likely was terrified in their final moments, there is an unnatural serenity in what's left. Dust-like particulate falls off the statue of you, potentially spreading more of the angelrot to others. Everything eventually grows dark, and you can no longer feel anything. The angelrot has taken you.

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