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  1. Locations

Redwood Castle



Also known to locals as Bone Keep.


Player Notes: 

  • We've seen a fire when approaching it. It looked like it was in the main courtyard.
  • We've seen a figure (or figures) moving in the main castle. They seemed to be humanoid.
  • One side of the castle is charred and has barren ground in front of it. Nothing seems to grow there.
  • We've seen a humanoid figure through the castle windows when we were heading back to Redwood. Baron's daughter seems to be a historian of a sort, perhaps she might have an idea about who might be inhabiting this ruin.
  • Current Redwood baron is not a direct descendant of the royalty that held this keep many years ago. He is a great nephew, 4–5 knees removed.
  • The castle was conquered by a warlord long time ago; and the legend has it that he was empowered by a demon he made a pact with.
  • Above warlord and his ilk are believed to be long gone; current castle inhabitants most likely don't have a lot (if any) connections to him.
  • Cave beyond portcullis had three exits: bronze double doors opposite the entrance, single doors to the left, corridor to the right.
  • The section with statues had unnatural gust of wind.
  • From time to time there is a sound of moaning, followed by maniacal laughter, and rattling of the chains.
  • Under the trapdoor, behind wide bronze door, two floating orbs protect the "tome of forbidden knowledge."
  • The orbs served Eulgotr, an Elven lord, potentially millennia ago. They did not seem to know where they are or what is outside of the room.
  • The orbs continuously repel attack from a "barbarian," who might actually be a lich next door. They spare him every time because he begs for forgiveness.
  • Running water can be heard in the moist cave.
  • Someone or something removed our iron spikes from the wedged doors and winch.
  • Orbs can paralyze, and kill with their stare.
  • Conciencia might be divine, not arcane.
  • There is a magic user who resides on the top level of the keep; he can cast fire ball, and has some sort of protection against missiles.
  • The magic user commands feline creatures.
  • It seems that the moaning, laughing, and chain rattling sounds were produced by a rune on a second underground level. Amos deface the rune with Conciencia.

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