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  • Address Street of the Singing Dolphin, Wavesong, North Dolphin, Sea Ward
  • Type Shop (Broadsheets, Printing Services)
  • Price Range ⏺⏺⏺🞅🞅
  • Proprietor(s)


  • An earnest man in his late twenties,  Jalester hails from the distant land of Cormyr, where he earned his spurs working for a mercenary company called the Steel Shadows.

    A few years ago, Jalester left the Dales and traveled to Waterdeep with several other members of the company. While in the city, he stumbled into and helped thwart a plot to assassinate the Lords of Waterdeep.

    He subsequently became an agent of the Lords' Alliance, reporting directly to Open Lord Laeral Silverhand and has remained in that position since, working to uncover threats to the city of Waterdeep and seek out those who might be of service to the good of the city. In this capacity, he holds the title of Captain of the City Watch despite not formally belonging to the organization.

    Jalester spends much of his free time in taverns that adventurers are known to frequent.

  • Potential Resources Consumables
  • The Noble Game—or simply the Game, as it's known—is Waterdeep's incarnation of the ages-old game of social power, political maneuvering, and societal machinations.

    All nobles play the Game, whether they intend to or not. Indeed, the actions of those most contemptuous or abjuration of the Game can often influence it all the more. In simplest terms, the Game is about which House has the most social standing, relative to the other Houses. It is social currency, and those at the Crown of the Game are wealthy in it no matter their worldly coin.

    The board upon which this Game is played is the Waterdhavian Social Season, a series of parties and other social events intended to permit the Houses opportunities to show off, show up their rivals, and in general make an impression.